Greg McKeown

Greg McKeown, Motivation, Leadership, Leadership Speaker essentialism, leadership Greg McKeown, Motivation, Leadership, Leadership Speaker essentialism, leadership

Greg McKeown Speech Topics

High Performance & Self Management
Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less We all know it’s easy to be busy without being productive in our hyperconnected reality. This keynote offers a new mindset and skillset for discerning what is essential, eliminating what is not, and removing obstacles in order to make execution as...
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Collaboration & Team Development
Why Warm Clarity is the Key to High Performance Teams We have all worked for leaders who are focused on results but care little about the overall growth and development of each team member: this is cold clarity. Warm clarity is different: it combines courage and compassion to create high...
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Leadership & Execution
Why Some Teams Break Through to the Next Level—And Others Don’t This keynote shares five ways teams become dysfunctional and how leading as an Essentialist is the key to combating these and, instead, creating unified teams that produce amazing results.
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Strategy & Growth
Becoming Successful at Success Becoming successful is one thing but it’s another thing altogether to become successful at success. This keynote teaches the essential mindset and skillset needed to go from being successful to very successful—the answers will surprise.
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Creativity & Innovation
The Other Half of Innovation The first half of innovation is fun and easy: it’s brainstorming, Post-It notes, exploration, iteration and ideation. The second half is rarer but it’s where the breakthrough value lies. This keynote teaches how to select only the most valuable ideas and how to...
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