Col. Greg Gadson

Col. Greg Gadson, Military, DEI, Disabilities Col. Greg Gadson, Military, DEI, Disabilities

Col. Greg Gadson Text Reviews

Col. Gadson's message of perseverance, teamwork, and a relentless spirit touched every member of the audience. His story connected the importance of determination in the face of adversity with humor and an honesty that we have never experienced with other speakers. His opening remarks left the audience inspired, and set the tone for a fantastic conference. He would be a fantastic addition to any program.

Lynsey Seabrook, VP - Success for All Foundation

Your remarks and presence inspired each of us to become better leaders, and to not only appreciate but embrace every day. The experiences that you shared are a great testament to your courage and perseverance ... and the incomparable value of teamwork.
I am very appreciative that you joined us, and remain humbled by your extraordinary service and commitment to our country and the principles of freedom we hold so dearly. Thank you again for your words of encouragement and the lasting imprint you left on the hearts and minds of all of us.

Eric J. Foss Chairman, President & CEO - Aramark

The moment you began speaking, the audience was captivated, and as you painted the vivid and honest portrait of your life story, you took us on that journey with you. This speaks not only to your talent as a stellar public speaker, but also to the powerful story you tell and the passion with which you tell it. Your message of courage, teamwork and resiliency resonated deeply with our audience of individuals who either have a disability or who work on their behalf, and your statement that we all have something to offer paired perfectly with SourceAmerica's commitment to creating employment opportunities for people with significant disabilities.

Steven L. Soroka, President & CEO - SourceAmeria

Your insights, experiences, and dialogue with our cadets and staff are what make NCLS valuable! The tremendous success of this year's program is a direct result of your willingness to give of your time and to challenge our audience to aspire to excellence.
This year's theme, "Warrior Ethos and the American Airman," was certainly demonstrated by your remarks and made a difference, not only in the Air Force Academy Cadet Wing, but also in the future of our Air Force. It was an honor and privilege to have you participate in this year's symposium. Again, thank you for your time and support.

Lieutenant General Michelle D. Johnson, Superintendent - US Air Force

Your presence on stage immediately engaged the audience as you began to talk about boya!ty, Duty, Respect, and Teamwork. Addressing the audience in a casual manner, describing your career, and detailing the numerous challenges of a career in the Army allowed the many non-military attendees to clearly comprehend the points of your talk. Your speech was perfect for this conference.

Kathy Alm, Chief Executive Officer - PATH International