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Gina Schaefer NSB, leadership, woman, brand, Growth, change, risk Gina Schaefer NSB, leadership, woman, brand, Growth, change, risk
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Gina Schaefer

Developing urban markets, supporting small businesses and helping women to succeed

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Schaefer is founder and CEO of a chain of Ace Hardware stores located in Washington, D.C., Baltimore, MD, and Alexandria, VA. She is a passionate entrepreneur who grew her company from one to 12 stores in only 14 years and now leads a multimillion-dollar business that employs more than 270 people. As a former member of the Ace Hardware Corporation Board of Directors, she is dedicated to maintaining a strong corporate culture and just published her first book, “Recovery Hardware”, that chronicles ...

"The response from our ENTIRE organization to Gina's address has been overwhelming! We knew that the idea of our folks hearing about the world of hardware for Gina's perspective would be valuable but we did not anticipate how they would react. Gina made it personal. Her personal story and her honest detail of the daily opportunities and struggles of an entrepreneur launched a sea of ideas from all of the E.A. Langenfeld and TouchPoint 360 Associates of how we can help Gina and all Ace Retailers better Yeah!!, that's our job and why our company exists!! Almost everyone that I spoke with directly after you and Gina left asked when she was coming back. Mission Accomplished!!"

--E.A. Langenfeld/Touchpoint 360

"The choice to ask Gina Schaefer to deliver the key note address at the 2015 Langenfeld Annual Meeting was a huge motivational success. Gina's street level knowledge of the consumer, associate motivational needs and general business acumen made every theme she delivered something we could all relate to in our business. A simple focused presentation coupled with Gina's embracing delivery style was met with a well-deserved standing ovation at the conclusion of the address."

E.A. Langenfeld Associates

"Gina Schaefer wowed me from the first time we met, when I interviewed her for the cover of my business magazine, Not only is she smart, savvy, and incredibly successful, I was particularly taken by how she cares for her employees - especially those who need a second chance. Her work with nonprofit organizations, such as Jubilee Jobs and ThinkLocalFirstDC are evidence of her determination to make a difference in the communities where her nine Ace Hardware stores are located. Equally impressive is the fact that this strong woman is making strides in a male-dominated business--which is why we tapped her to be one of the first women profiled in our 2014 Truly Amazing Women TV series. Gina's leadership skills, can-do attitude, and success as an entrepreneur make her a powerful role model for everyone hoping to make a difference, and build a sustainable business."

The Inkandescent Group LLC

"Sit back and listen to Gina Schaefer. She is bright, witty, entertaining, and laser-sharp in her focus. Gina is determined to translate her love of people and her passion for business into determined advocacy to motivate those lucky to be mentored by her. Gina's biography is unique and inspirational for those of us able to learn from her example. A small business owner for just eleven years, Gina is a clear success story as she and her husband have grown their chain of Ace Hardware stores to 9. Gina "leaned forward" long before it was fashionable, parlaying her business acumen, market savvy and enthusiasm for women in business to not only be flourishing on her own, but to serve as a role model for women everywhere desiring a meaningful career in small business. In her role as a member of the Board of Directors of Ace Hardware Corporation, Gina is uniquely positioned to spread her message amongst the young, up and coming cadre of future business leaders at Ace. Don't misunderstand me though: Gina is more than an advocate for women in business. She "gets" the importance of Main Street to the vitality and health of our economy and quality of life. On the local and national level, Gina is a tireless advocate for diversity and vibrancy in our local economies, and will share her knowledge about why shopping local makes such a huge difference."

Cole Hardware

"I have heard several keynote speakers at various events and I mean this when I say this, I enjoyed yours the most. I have shared your story with three people I've talked to since last night already. You're a terrific speaker, but I think what struck me more than anything was just how completely candid you were and how natural and unassuming your delivery was. I have taken some career risks, not risky as yours (yet), but I really identified with "don't be afraid to ask questions" and seek the advice of others who have been successful".

BB&T Commercial Lending
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