Gina Schaefer | Developing urban markets, supporting small businesses and helping women to succeed

Gina Schaefer

Developing urban markets, supporting small businesses and helping women to succeed

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Gina Schaefer
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Just Because the World Underestimates Us, it Doesn’t Mean our Fate is Pre-written

Gina Schaefer spent 20 years as a woman in a “man’s world.” She started with one hardware store and grew the business to 13 locations and multiple millions in revenue. Her successes, failures and favorite bits are all fodder for discussion in this engaging 45-minute keynote address.

Gina’s message resonates strongly with anyone defying the odds or seeking entrepreneurial endeavors, especially women.  She believes strongly that all fields are “male and female fields” and has helped lead the way in the hardware world for more women in leadership and ownership roles.

Audience member takeaways include: 

1. How to find your inspiration and voice 
2. How, when and WHY to self-promote 
3. What steps to take to overcome the voice of doubt that might be in your head

Sm(ALL) Business Succession Planning from an Accidental Expert

Have you been focusing on the day-to-day challenges of your business and neglected putting time and intentionality into your succession planning? 
You might be at the helm of a small family-owned enterprise or a large national one. Either way, the critical steps to craft a great succession plan are the same for all businesses. 

As a board member on two multi-billion-dollar companies, Gina Schaefer had a front row seat to CEO and executive succession plan development that taught her valuable lessons about this important transition in business lifecycle. 

Gina went on to sell her own business in a well thought out and successful exit strategy that aligned with her values and put the employees at the center of the plan.   

Gina energetically delivers a 45-minute keynote about the costs, pitfalls, and triumphs on her transition to succession success. She’ll also walk you through the steps needed to craft your own succession plan, regardless of the size of your business.  
You will: 
•    Learn how to draft a succession plan that fits your own financial goals  
•    Discover how proper planning can help eliminate the emotional complications that succession planning can create 
•    Hear about succession and exit options from liquidation to private equity to a sale to employees 
•    Begin to document the timeline to make all business succession a success 
•    Hear Gina’s transition story including the costs, pitfalls, and triumphs 

You Are (the) Somebody

Steps to building the right culture for your organization with everyone’s help
Are you looking to change or improve your company’s culture but aren’t sure where to start? You might find the perfect tools in unlikely places.  
When Gina Schaefer moved into a forlorn neighborhood that needed a hardware store, she built one.  Then, when she noticed the recovery community needed businesses to believe in them, she transformed her business into that business.  When she realized inequality could be diminished through business ownership, she figured out how to sell her business to her team.  

Building a positive corporate culture takes dedication and nurturing. It starts from the top and permeates the entire organization when it is given the proper attention. In this engaging 45-minute keynote Gina shares what she believes are the tenets to build a great culture – lessons she learned while employing some unlikely teachers.  She learned these tenets from returning citizens, men and women from the local recovery community, and a whole host of memorable characters now celebrated in her book Recovery Hardware.   

Audience member take always include: 

1. Knowing what data to measure and how to act on the results 
2. How to infuse trust and transparency into your organization
3. How to use curiosity and storytelling to bring your culture to life
Gina’s guiding principle comes from a treasured quote “I always wondered when somebody would do something about that.  Then I realized I was somebody”.   She hopes her audiences leave feeling the same way.  

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Gina Schaefer

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