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"The Traveling Twain of the 21st Century--
Inspiring Profitable Adventures for Your Life and Business"

Acclaimed for three decades as a professional speaker and author whose business-boosting works are published around the world, George Walther is now also celebrated as the "Traveling Twain of the 21st Century." He presents keynotes and workshops for diverse businesses, ranging from Starbucks and Microsoft to dentists and entrepreneurs. On stage, he combines tales from his adventures in 99 countries, as featured in USA Today, with 33 years of business authorship and consulting to deliver potent, practical lessons for commerce and life. He brings his extraordinary life experiences, an engaging storytelling style, his gift for clear and captivating communication, and his breadth of business background to your platform.

George's highlights include:
Inducted to Speakers Hall of Fame in 1989; exceptionally riveting and entertaining on stage.
Adventured in 99 countries (so far) with bizarre and hilarious stories, always translated into practical lessons for life and business.
Crashed and burned his own airplane while learning to trust his gut.
Authored numerous acclaimed business books and A/V programs published worldwide in multiple languages, featuring sales, service, and communication topics: Phone Power, Power Talking, Upside-down Marketing and Heat Up Your Cold Calls.
After a decade of full-time single parenting, George is now a glowing newlywed, as well as a teenager's dad!