F. Lee Bailey

F. Lee Bailey

Legendary and Controversial Defense Attorney

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Boston, Massachusetts, United States
About F. Lee Bailey

Legendary defense attorney F. Lee Bailey is one of the best-known and most controversial figures in the practice of law. He has been involved with many of the most high profile trials in America.

In 1971, when F. Lee Bailey represented Captain Ernest Medina in his court-martial for his involvement in the incident at My Lai, he was already a prominent figure in criminal defense. Bailey had achieved fame for his successful defense in the retrial of Dr. Samuel Sheppard ("The Fugitive") and the trial ...

Our members value Lee's contributions in these presentations generally more than the speaker. Why? This is because of Lee's uncanny ability to provide unique insights that accentuate the value added for the audience.

Ralph Sheridan - President - New England World Presidents Organization
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