Evelyn Lundstrom | Neuro-Linguistic Master Practitioner , Image and Communication Consultant, Professional Development

Evelyn Lundstrom

Neuro-Linguistic Master Practitioner , Image and Communication Consultant, Professional Development

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Evelyn Lundstrom

Evelyn Lundstrom is one of Australia's most experienced image and communications consultants. Evelyn is a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and is experienced in accelerated learning techniques. Evelyn's training experience includes communication skills, presentation skills, Think On Your Feet, Image Management for Professionals, and Business Etiquette & Protocol.

Evelyn has successfully developed and delivered training programs for industries as diverse as financial services, professional services, travel, hospitality and tertiary education. Her workshops are insightful, entertaining and tailoured to clients needs. Numerous client testimonials and repeat engagements are indicative of the impact of her presentations and one-on-one coaching.

Evelyn has also advised companies and institutions on their corporate uniforms and wardrobes, working closely with designers and retailers. Evelyn is accredited by two international image training organisations and is Past President of the Sydney Chapter of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI).

Evelyn has worked in the image and communications field for over 15 years and her clients include organisations such as IBM, Perpetual Trustees, Citibank, Lend Lease, Commonwealth Bank, Kodak, Norwich Union, the Australian Jockey Club, Accor Group, Cisco, Crown Pacific, CSC, ShelstonIP and Ernst & Young.

Effective Presentation Skills

2 Day Program

Program Summary
Making a presentation for most people is a daunting and time consuming experience, little understood by people who are good at making presentations. Huge amounts of time are wasted by people making inefficient preparations for important presentations.

There is no such thing as ‘the art’ of presenting – it’s all applied science if you have the skills and strategies. This hands-on workshop is about developing your own presentation style based on the strategies of experts. Experts developed their strategies by finding out what works by getting their bums roasted. So, why suffer the embarrassment? This workshop will catapult you into the ‘expert’ category – a confident and accomplished presenter.

Workshop objectives
Participant become confident presenters by learning the ‘above-the-line’ and ‘below-the-line’ skills of an accomplished presenter.

Who will benefit?
Presenting and Influencing skills are life-skills and one’s ability to make one’s case and present it effectively has a direct impact on many peoples’ success in life. This workshop is not about 101 ways to use an overhead projector. This is for everyone, from senior management who wish to polish up their personal presence in front of their peers to emerging managers and team members.

Learn above-the-line skills including:
- developing an outcome for your presentation
- knowing your audience
- preparing and structuring your presentation
- expert tips and tricks for developing fast-track story-boards
- the use of various presentation formats from corridor meetings to PowerPoint slides
- ‘own’ the space
- fall-back positions and redesigning ‘in-the-moment’
- creating magic using metaphor and personal stories
- delivering your presentation
- voice projection, articulation and language (fluff and jargon busting)
- handling objections

Learn below-the-line skills including:
- personal charisma – and how to develop a personal ‘presence’
- handling stress
- communicating using body-language
- ‘reading’ your audience
- personal ‘state’ control

Participants are given opportunities to prepare and deliver presentations during the two days. Some of these presentations are video’s so that the participants leave the workshop with living evidence of the development of their skills. We give expert feedback at every step and are careful not to put participants in any situation where their confidence could be damaged.

Participants are inspired by this action-packed fun filled confidence building workshop. Being an effective presenter is a life-skill that can change every aspect of a participant’s life.

Think On Your Feet ®

2 Day program

Getting your ideas across clearly, concisely, persuasively (and being remembered) is vital. Everyone wants you to get to the point. Quickly.

Think On Your Feet® is the globally acclaimed workshop that actually trains you to think on your feet. This program introduces the “capsules-of-persuasion’ concept – 10 plans that structure your ideas quickly – for impact. Answer tough questions effectively, on the spot. Explain complex data clearly. Be more persuasive. Get to the point and make an impression.

People who are good presenters get noticed and develop a reputation as a leader within their organisation, however, a lack of presentation skills can hold people back.

Program Objectives
During the workshop participants will :
- learn how to think on their feet – in the moment
- be able to explain complex ideas clearly
- get to the point
- be more persuasive in getting their ideas across
- respond to complicated or tricky questions – on the spot
- speak with clarity, brevity and impact – even under pressure!

Who Will Benefit?
- Senior personnel
- Managers and supervisors of all levels
- Sales teams
- Personnel who are being groomed for promotion
- Anyone who needs to stand up and present

Program Content
Getting to the point and being remembered
- techniques to package persuasion
- structuring ideas simply and clearly
- speaking in different situations: one-on-one, on the phone, meetings and presentations

Presenting Your Ideas
- using three-part plans to display analysis
- helping your listener understand by placing your ideas into a simple, unifying structure
- replying on structured reasoning to answer questions quickly

Using Handy Fall-Back techniques When You’re Caught Off Guard
- following the “Rule of Threes”
- creating logical pegs to hang your thought on
- “Announcing & Recapping”

Using “Visual” Pegs as Your Structure
- achieving impact
- supporting large or complex topics
- adding depth to your message

Avoiding Common Communication Traps
- keeping on track
- avoiding information overload
- addressing your listener’s core concerns

Dividing Information into Facets, Aspects or Prespectives
- achieving objectivily
- expressing thoughtfulness
- addressing issues from different viewpoints

Bridging from Question to Answer
- buying time
- answering the right question
- handling objections and tough questions positively

How to Broaden or Focus Your Listener’s Perspective
- moving from detail to big picture, or vice-versa
- handling sensitive or confidential information
- countering sweeping generalisations

Moving Two Opposing Viewpoints to a Middle Ground
- negotiating a win-win outcome
- dealing with controversial topics
- moving to action.

Selling the Benefits of Your Ideras, Products &/or Services
- presenting benefits – not just features (a common trap)
- showing advantages to your listener
- employing the “So What?” test

Fleshing Out Your Ideas
- using examples to increase understanding and recall
- developing ideas through the use of opposites
- explaining an idea by cause and effect

Telling a Story: Who? What? Where? Why? When?
- ensuring all relevant information is included
- arranging the 5W’s as your idea pegs
- combining the 5W’s with other techniques

Combining Think On Your Feet® Formats to Build Longer Presentations
- shaping content for your listeners
- preparing presentations quickly and effectively
- delivering a persuasive message

Our hands on, experiential workshops are designed to give participants specific skills and to encourage further reflection and action.

Every participant receives a bound 140-page workshop manual, containing a synopsis of the Think On Your Feet formats for easy study, plus examples, worksheets, checklists, and memory-jogging wallet cards.

Think On Your Feet® is a registered trademark of Think On Your Feet® International, Inc.
© 2004 McLuhan & Davies Communications, Inc.

Your Business Image

1 Day program

Program Summary
In the words of the song – “It ain’t what you say – it’s the way that you say it!” Managing your Image,
presentation and client’s perception of you has never been more important in this crowded
We’ve been educated by the media to react to 10 second sound-bytes and 5 second visual-grabs.
Unless you learn how to perform in this sometimes shallow environment, you’ll get left behind.
Personal presentation affects career opportunities. Studies have indicated that job interviews are lost
in the first two minutes and poor personal presentation is the most common reason. In one study,
93% of 300 top decision-makers agreed that personal presentation was the key factor in gaining
employment. 86% of US Fortune 1000 companies agree that they could benefit from projecting a
better corporate image to clients.
This workshop is about managing this present-day situation and covers the key strategies that you
need to think about for your personal presentation and the image that you broadcast to the outside
Feedback from participants talks about how confidence inspiring it is when they feel good about the
way they present themselves. Good presentation requires skills and strategies more-so than money.

Program Objectives
During the workshop participants will :
- learn to enjoy and have fun in dressing strategically for the task at hand
- dress appropriately for their role and industry
- manage their wardrobe in a way that maximizes their financial and time resources
- feel more confident about themselves, their identity and presence
- understand the principles and concepts of dressing for impact and influence

Who Will Benefit?
- Senior personnel
- Managers and supervisors of all levels
- Sales teams
- Personnel who are being groomed for promotion
- Reception or front-of-house staff

Program Content
- what’s in it for me? Why is image so important when I do a great job?
- strategies for designing your ideal personal image – what you want to communicate
- perception is reality – discover what other’s perceive about you
- aligning your personal style preferences with the image you want to project
- supportive feedback on your personal body-language and grooming, and strategies for improvement
- wardrobe strategies and how to project a current image without being a slave to fashion
- making the most of what you’ve got, & choosing clothes that suit your shape
- dealing with context: from client meetings to business casual
- exploring your business style options using colour
- understanding the principles of colour psychology – and how to use to your advantage
- personal action plan and strategy for the future
Our hands on, experiential workshops are designed to give participants specific skills and to
encourage further reflection and action. Our approach is respectful and facilitative, whether the
participants require the tactful truth or an urgent call to action.

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