Erin King Bio

Erin King is the world's leading digital persuasion expert, having helped clients ranging from The Academy Awards in Hollywood to The U.S. Navy at the Pentagon show up more powerfully from behind the screen. She is the Chief Social Officer of Strikepoint Media, a three-time digital entrepreneur, has been featured in Forbes and the podcast host of SUCCESS Magazine's "On Your Terms with Erin King"

She is the Amazon best-selling author of "Digital Persuasion" and "You're Kind of a Big Deal".

Back in the day, Erin competed in the World Irish Dancing Championships and played NCAA Division 1 lacrosse but NOTHING has toughened up today's communication expert like navigating the world of being a dog mom to a precocious cavapoo named Betty White.

Off-duty Erin is playing outside with her husband Hartman, or spending time with her huge, crazy Irish family. You might also find her hiding from all of the above behind the covers of a nice, good book.