Erik Wahl | TED Presenter, Creative Communicator and Author of "Unthink"

Erik Wahl

TED Presenter, Creative Communicator and Author of "Unthink"

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Erik Wahl
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The Spark and the Grind
Ignite the Power of Disciplined Creativity

If you are not thinking about disruption, complexity and continual innovation in your industry, then we’ve got news for you: You are ignoring a perilous gaping void, and if you don’t fill it, someone else will.

Technology and culture are in a state of continual flux, and today’s business demands an environment where innovation is not only welcomed, but required. So how can you keep up and instill a disciplined approach to innovation?

Erik Wahl, bestselling author, artist and one of the nation’s most in-demand keynote speakers. His new book and presentation, THE SPARK AND THE GRIND: IGNITE THE POWER OF DISCIPLINED CREATIVITY presents the yin and the yang of the creative process: How to create and maintain the flow of ideas, and how to execute them. The world is filled with dreamers and doers—but the only way things happen are when dreamers muster the mental tenacity and hard work, and when doers harness their innate creativity and flexibility.

Erik’s dynamic presentation explores the process of creativity and creation. Audiences are inspired to laughter, tears and always leave with a desire to unearth more meaning in their work and their lives, and the tools to find it.


· Deconstructs the process and discipline necessary to realize the visions of master creators such as Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison and Martin Luther King, Jr.

· Delves into the science of innovation, and how to tap it for your own purposes

· Drives home the importance of creative culture, regardless of industry, and how to harness it for individual and collective success.


UNthink is the signature keynote experience from Erik’s bestselling book. It is dynamic multi media keynote experience specifically designed to challenge audiences to achieve superior levels of performance. It will inspire them to let go of their traditional thought patterns and better understand how to create disruptive strategies of innovation. Creativity is in all of us. We simply need to rediscover the keys that will unlock our untapped potential. UNthink will Unleash organizational excellence and help your audience better understand that they are all capable of so much more than they have been conditioned to believe.

The Art of Leadership

Today’s leaders face a pressure to innovate—or else perish—unlike any other time in history. Advances in social, mobil and cloud technology, coupled with fierce global competition has made the business landscape nearly unrecognizable from what it was a mere 10 years ago.

Erik Wahl’s entertaining and invigorating Art of Leadership presentation paints a compelling new portrait for what the successful leaders of tomorrow will look like. He inspires audiences to shed old ways of thinking and “business as usual” processes that are outdated, inefficient and detrimental to productivity. Audience members learn new ways to build an emotional connection to drive future employee engagement. Erik’s presentation stretches traditional assumptions on leadership. The end results include:

– innovative solutions to further your organization
– attracting and engaging quality employees
– new efficiencies and the end of detrimental redundancies

Growth and comfort cannot co-exist. When leaders come from a place of authenticity, curiosity, exploration and purpose, this leads to more meaningful connections among team members and with clients and customers—and ultimately, a more profitable organization. An engaged employee equals an engaged customer.

The Art of Vision

Your best sustainable edge is being better at mastering change and innovation than your competition. Erik’s Signature keynote, The Art of Vision is an entertaining and highly practical program that uncovers new ways to make your organization more creative, more productive and ultimately, more profitable. This 45-60 minute multi-media format is ideally suited to open or close your meeting on a dynamic high note.

Discovering Your Untapped Potential

This fast paced and highly interactive 90 minute workshop is designed to provide specific strategies to unleash personal and professional achievement through creativity. By exploring techniques to stretch our minds, audiences will uncover new methods to solve old problems, discover new opportunities, and ultimately differentiate themselves from their competition. This program is ideally suited as a follow up for audiences who have already experienced Erik’s Art of Vision keynote.

I Am Artist™

This program is an innovative training experience featuring a short-film that challenges you to discover that no matter what you do, you are an Artist! By digging deeper into your own unique talents, you will be inspired to take the next steps to achieve breakthrough levels of success. Join Erik Wahl as he helps you redefine your art, equips you with the tools to become more productive and unleashes your creativity.

VIrtual Offerings

1. Unlocking Zoom
A 20 -30 minute customized keynote for your audience. Based on the customization questionnaire, (attached) the keynote is specifically tailored for your audience. Customization starts with a conference call between you and our team to discuss the meeting in detail. Based on the customization call and questionnaire, Erik creates the keynote to address your audience, the theme of your meeting, as well as providing actionable takeaways for your attendees. Additionally our team will work with you to create a list of “Props” each audience member can be supplied, that allows for an interactive and connected keynote experience.
This keynote is filmed in Erik’s home studio.
* included is a downloadable copy of our innovation boot camp, available to each member of your audience.

2. Keynote as above plus a curated conversation with your leadership team. This is a pre-discussed set of questions that your leadership team discusses with Erik over the course of 30-60 minutes. This is a chance for your leaders to interact with Erik and discuss relevant issues your company is facing. Filmed in Erik’s home office over Zoom.

3. The full 60 minute Epic Keynote event, filmed at a professional studio in San Diego that provides live event screens and staging with a 2-3 camera shoot. This can be pre-recorded or for live virtual events this option offers the capability to have the audience on a large screen behind Erik in a gallery view. The paintings Erik creates are yours to keep following the program. They will be shipped to you the day after the event.

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Erik Wahl

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