Erick Erickson

Erick Erickson

  • Editor of The Resurgent
  • Co-author of RedState Uprising
  • Radio Host

The Atlantic magazine did a lengthy profile of Erick Erickson in 2016, calling him one of the most influential conservatives in America. Erick is the Editor of The Resurgent, a Fox News Contributor, and host of his own number one rated radio program on the nation's most listened to news/talk station, WSB Radio out of Atlanta. Occasionally, Rush Limbaugh lets him fill in. When not ... VIEW MORE

Speaker Media

RightOnline keynote
Values Voter Summit
Counterculture Faith
Before You Wake
Christians and Donald Trump
Religious Liberty in America
Speech Topics
  • The Conservative Revolution

    The American revolution may have been the only conservative revolution in the history of mankind. The rebels did not ... View More

  • There's No Such Things as a Big Government Conservative

    During the George W. Bush era, many conservative pundits began openly touting "Big Government Conservatism." There ... View More

  • Journalism in a Dot Com Era

    A focus on the way journalism had evolved with the rise of the Drudge Report, blogs, the Huffington Post, Politico, ... View More

  • The Electoral Outlook

    A focus on the road ahead for Democrats and Republicans — what key races should be watched, where will Democrats do ... View More

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