Ed Brodow Bio

The King of Negotiators

Ed Brodow is the world's top spokesman on the art of negotiation. SEC Chairman Harvey Pitt dubbed Ed the "King of Negotiators." Forbes Magazine agreed, ranking Ed as one of the nation's leading dealmakers. Ed is the bestselling author of six books including Negotiation Boot Camp: How to Resolve Conflict, Satisfy Customers, and Make Better Deals.

In today's challenging economy, clients want (1) high content with (2) a positive business message to accompany (3) a dynamic presentation. Nothing delivers all three better than Ed Brodow's negotiation keynote. Ed Brodow's keynotes emphasize that you can overcome the current economic malaise and overtake the competition by using core negotiation skills, such as aiming high, challenging negative assumptions, and improving listening skills. Ed's stories - exciting, funny, and to the point - provide the dynamic pacing.

Ed's client list includes many of the world's most prominent organizations, notably Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, Starbucks, Learjet, Raytheon, Philips, Hyatt, McKinsey, The Gap, Revlon, Zurich Insurance, Exxon Mobil, the IRS, and the Pentagon. He has enthralled more than 1,000 audiences in Paris, Milan, Athens, Tokyo, Singapore, Sao Paulo, Bogota, Toronto, and New York with his high energy delivery, infectious humor, and practical ideas on negotiating and success.

A nationally recognized television personality, Ed Brodow has appeared as negotiation guru on PBS, ABC National News, Fox News, Inside Edition, and Fortune Business Report. His two-hour PBS negotiation special garnered rave reviews. Followed by hidden TV cameras in New York, Boston, and San Francisco, Ed proved to American consumers that they have the power to negotiate better deals in department stores and retail malls. His innovative negotiating strategies have been showcased in The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, The Globe and Mail, Entrepreneur, Business Week, Smart Money, Forbes, and Selling Power.

A true "Renaissance Man," Ed has been a corporate sales executive (IBM, Litton), US Marine Corps officer, novelist, and Screen Actors Guild member with starring film roles opposite Jessica Lange, Ron Howard, and Christopher Reeve.

Cambridge University Press in the U.K. selected one of Ed's signature stories as the paradigm for excellent story telling, acclaiming his talent for setting the scene, creating drama, involving the audience, establishing credibility, delivering the punchline, and linking to the theme of the presentation.

When you book Ed as your Keynote Speaker, you are ensuring that your audience will be in the right frame of mind to maximize their experience of your meeting or convention. Your audience will be:

Charmed by Ed's charismatic stage presence, unforgettable stories, and infectious humor derived from his colorful show business background.

Motivated by Ed's practical content and helpful ideas - derived from his vast business experience and complemented by his standing as a negotiation expert, television personality, and author of popular books, DVDs, and articles.

Impressed with Ed's extensive customization - he cares enough to do his homework about your group and your industry.