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Donna Rice Hughes Donna Rice Hughes

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The content and presentation of Donna's message . . . were outstanding. Donna displays a comfortableness with her subject matter which engages her audience, all the while slipping in facts and statistics reinforcing the basis of her message.
Ellen Field - Safe Community Coalition, McLean, VA
Ms. Donna Rice Hughes is a powerful and persuasive advocate for children's on-line protection issues. . . . Ms. Hughes served as a catalyst for discussion and provided compelling evidence and insights on a disturbing problem of international proportions.
John E. Cech - Rocky Mountain College, Billings, MT
Donna Rice Hughes is an exceptional speaker and a renowned expert on a subject many people are not willing to talk about--fighting pornography. She handles a very difficult subject with class and courage.
Wendy Wright - Concerned Women for America, Washgtn, DC