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Don Pryor

"World's Worst Waiter" & Customer Service Humorist

Don Pryor
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Don Pryor
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The World's Worst Waiter (Customer Service)

Hilarious and engaging, Don is truly the world's worst waiter!

Because Don Pryor, The World’s Worst Waiter, is one of the funniest examples of bad customer service there is, he has learned that although his awkward style of service leaves your banquet attendees laughing, you never forget a bad customer service experience!

Key Points participants will take away:

* Going the extra mile for the customer always pays off!
* Once you have lost the customer’s confidence, it’s hard to get them back.
* If you are passionate and excited about your service or product, chances are, your
customer will be too!
* People are naturally drawn back to what feels, safe, comfortable and predictable...a
happy customer can mean a customer for a lifetime.
* No matter what you do, find the fun in your work!

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Don Pryor

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