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Debra Pestrak

CEO, Business Consultant, and Award Winning Expert Helping People Unleash Their Success

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Debra Pestrak's life didn't start out remarkable. In fact, she understood at an early age that if she wanted anything in life she was going to have to work hard for it and it was up to her to get it. Debra progressed from telephone operator to a leading salesperson and manager for top telecommunication companies.

In her mid 30s, she realized she wasn't using her full potential -- but how do you? In 1986, she started researching top performers to find out what they did so she could learn to do it, ...

I was completely engaged through the entire program and I believe that Debra created the positive, upbeat, learning atmosphere with her excellent facilitation, presentation, and leadership skills.

Carol Sorrick, Vice-President Sales - Pacific Bell

Excellent! Debra's presentation is educational, interactive, strategic, challenging and fun.

Megan McKinnon - Equitable

The best part is that the responses that I have had from those that participated were overwhelmingly positive. Thank you again for helping us create the right attitude to move forward as a single sales organization.

Michael Skelton, Vice President - NetManage
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