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Dr. David Ricketts

Harvard Innovation Fellow Leading the New Generation of Innovators

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Dr. David Ricketts

Now that rapid change has become the norm, there is no better guide to inspire the innovators within your organization than Harvard Innovation Fellow Dr. David Ricketts. For the past decade, Dr. Ricketts has been teaching the next generation of innovation leaders and is now sharing the stories and strategies that are helping leaders and their front line teams develop disruptive innovation in their organizations. Harvard chose David to usher in a new era of innovation leaders, and so have many of the world's leading organizations, such as Mastercard, General Motors, Disney, Dell, and the U.S. Military. Dr. Ricketts has provided them with systematic steps that serve as a call to action to reimagine and accelerate a culture of innovation with an eye towards unparalleled success. Leaders everywhere are looking to redefine the culture of innovation by engaging all of their people in varying stages of innovative thinking, collaborating and doing. Dr. Ricketts shares the tested and successful innovation strategies that will spark the innovators inside your organization and help them utilize those skills with newfound confidence. Designed to innately appeal to the inner curiosity of the audience, each of Dr. Ricketts' keynotes weaves in a focus on harnessing individual creativity, an appreciation of the limitless possibilities achievable through building the right innovation process, and most importantly, how to use this to turn future trends into today's success stories. Before joining academia, Dr. Ricketts was a former head of R&D in the semiconductor industry, where he led front-line innovators in product development and research departments, from initial concept and intellectual property (IP) development through to testing and customer service. His work on identifying and developing high-value products in the corporate environment provides a real-world context for his research into innovation, and his process for discovering high-impact problems. Early on in his career, Dr. Ricketts learned that those who followed the traditional path did well, but those who had new ideas, who could innovate, were the ones really making a difference. Ever since then, he has shifted his focus to new ideas, new solutions, and new possibilities.

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Dr. David Ricketts

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