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I looked at over 100 speakers that could speak to 25 CEO's, who are the major players in 25 industries. People who already have their own opinions and want someone to show them more. In the end you are exactly what I was looking for.
Nancy Rabenhold, CEO - Xcira
It's amazing what you were able to figure out in just 10 phone calls. You've not only learned our business but what you've figured out is pretty impressive.
David Speer, CEO - Illinois Tool Works
Quite frankly David, I'm taken aback by how you were able to figure out exactly what we had paid Ogilvy a lot of money to figure out, and with so little information. It's incredible how quickly you did it.
Michael Schriver, President - Worldwide Store Operations, DFS Group Ltd. Duty Free Shops Group Limited
You were the first speaker in our 25 years that did so much research that when you offered your expert advice and vision of the future, you were dead on. You delivered a message that was innovative to an already-innovative industry. Thank you.
Craig Mandeville, Senior Manager - Boeing National Aerospace FOD Prevention, Inc
David is a high energy, brilliant combination of entrepreneur, consultant, academic and author. From his initial comments, he captivated our group and provided meaningful suggestions and working tools for our teams to use to improve our business performance. I received very positive feedback from many of our attendees afterward, who felt David's remarks were excellent, his delivery style was entertaining and his book was invaluable I highly recommend David for your next management meeting or strategic challenge."
Philip A. Goodrich, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development - Kaman Corporation
David Goldsmith is not your typical professional speaker. He'll shock your brain with his nontraditional, outside-inside-all-around-the-box, fruit-basket turnover insight. His perspectives will cause you to stop, think and re-imagine your future. You can't leave his sessions without being provoked to think differently and question the status quo.
Jeff Hurt, CEO - Velvet Chainsaw Consulting,
We had learned so much in your research. You spoke the language of insurance, and even more impressive, the language of our company - almost as if you were part of it. During your presentation, people were glued to their chairs listening to your every word; the interaction with the group was great and note after note was taken. There are very few in the world that can do what you do. It's been over two months and we're still hearing conversations around your messages. To create this type of impact in such a short period of time is beyond belief.
Cathy Bradshaw, Director, HR Employee and Leadership Development - Colonial Life
One of the things that makes you so different from any of the other speakers or consultants we've hired or that I've worked with at the local state and national levels is you've have helped us to see things that make a huge im-pact in an incredibly short period of time. I've never seen anyone else in my 35 years of association management, having led associations at all levels including international, do what you can do. We see ourselves differently after having worked with you.
Teresa Kinney, President - Florida Society of Association Executives
Extraordinary keynote speaker insights and instincts were brilliant exceeded all expectations many senior members thought [David's] presentation was the most informative they had ever heard at any conference partic-ularly impressive as each of these senior members have been in the industry 30 years or more and collectively at-tended hundreds of conferences.
Frank Peretore, Esq. - PC, National Equipment Finance Association
"I pulled two items out of your presentation that we will roll out globally through Johnson and Johnson. You've got me thinking about everything.
Zack Lemelle, Vice President and CIO - Johnson and Johnson