Dave Sanderson

Dave Sanderson safety, Airplane Crash, Hudson airplane, Hudson Crash, Sullivan, Sully Dave Sanderson safety, Airplane Crash, Hudson airplane, Hudson Crash, Sullivan, Sully

Dave Sanderson Speech Topics

100 Days to Triumph

We all know, especially these days, that change will happen, but making progress towards what is most important to you is not.
How do you clarify, simplify, and progress towards the significant outcomes that will change your life?
In “100 Days to Triumph,” Dave will share the proven and tested...

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From Turmoil to Triumph: How to Get Back on the Plane

For over thirty years, Dave Sanderson was a top producer in some of the largest sales organizations in the world. On January 15, 2009, he was one of the last passengers off the plane that crashed into the Hudson River, best known asThe Miracle on the Hudson, considered the most successful...

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Your Distinct Advantage

In his highly acclaimed keynote, Dave guides C-Suite, management teams and conferences attendees through his nine personal leadership lessons to help them discover their DISTINCT ADVANTAGE. Using his signature PITTChE program, that Point in Time That Changes Everything,

• Leaders and...

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Moments Matter

In this stirring presentation, Dave Sanderson reveals the lessons and strategies that helped guide his decisions following the crash of US Airways Flight 1549, or “The Miracle on the Hudson”. Dave not only survived the “crash” but realized that there were key moments in his life that prepared him...

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JOLT – How to bounce back even stronger!

How do you not only bounce back but actually grow from a traumatic event? After surviving US Airways Flight 1549 that landed on the Hudson River, Dave Sanderson experienced a major traumatic life event.

The truth is, we all at one time or another will experience a traumatic event.

It could be...

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Brace for Impact

Ready to fly home after a quick business trip, Dave Sanderson settled into seat 15A. Shortly after takeoff, however, it was evident that something was wrong. Just moments later, the captain said on the intercom " This is your captain, brace for impact"

Three simple words proclaimed to all 150...

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