Selling Yourself

If you want to unlock doors of opportunity and influence, you must first learn to sell yourself. This week's video will help you see and convey the value you possess.



When it comes to you, what are you selling, and what are you buying? This week we're Off Balance On Purpose, selling yourself.

The way you sell yourself directly relates to your effectiveness; doing your job, leading others, parenting, teaching, or persuading people. If you don't convey confidence, belief, and ability, it's harder for people to trust you, listen, and learn.

If you were selling your car, would you start by pointing out defects?? It's an ugly color, smells funny has been damaged, and although it's working now, I don't have a lot of confidence in its future. No, of course not! So why do people so often emphasize their own faults and flaws?

Self depreciation conveys humility, sure. And it also conveys self doubt. If you don't value and believe in you, then why should I - buy from you, give you a job, invest in our friendship, or share my own thoughts and feelings?

Selling yourself starts with self appreciation, and here are three ways to do that.

Number one, sell from experience. What prepared you for this? How well can you articulate what you've done well, and what you've learned from trial and error?

Number two, sell with belief. Here we're moving from the past to the possible. What are your principles, aspirations, and plans for the future? Believe in what and who you're selling.

Number three, sell with truth. Don't lie about your abilities or intentions, or pretend mistakes didn't happen. Be truthful, uplifting, and real.

"But what if I lack experience, and self confidence, or don't have positive beliefs?" Well, then the first sale you need to make is to you. Own your past and commit to improvement. Then, ask those who do appreciate you what your best qualities are, and when they tell you, don't argue with them. Say thank you.

And then sell yourself, and keep selling yourself until you believe it. There's only one you. So, don't dismiss your unique value.

Buy who you are and what you offer, then sell yourself with authentic confidence. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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