Here Now

If New Years’ goals or resolutions have fallen flat in the past, try a different strategy to make 2020 a defining year for your growth and success. In this two minute video, I'll share my personal "theme" for 2020 and help you to capture yours.




As we crack open a new year, I don't want to know your resolutions or goals. I want to know your words. This week we're Off Balance On Purpose in Point Clear, Alabama.
If you know me, you know that I love words. Language doesn't just help us clarify our thoughts or communicate. It also motivates our actions. And the power of your words can lift or limit every aspect of your life.
Some people choose a word of the year, such as Growth, Abundance, or Gratitude as a "theme" of intention and action.
And there's no wrong answer. Those are all fantastic words! But I like to take it one step further and choose two words, as I believe it adds deeper meaning.
My words for 2020 are these: "Here Now." What does that mean? Well, it's me, so you know it means two things, at least.
First. I will be present wherever I am, realizing that every day this year will be the last just like it. I want to be "here" in the place that I occupy, with the people that I encounter because I want to maximize my moments for happiness, learning, and serving.
Secondly, I recognize that whatever I want in the world is already "Here, NOW!" Want more joy, success, opportunity, peace, love? Start by acknowledging that it already exists, right now, in this world. And then align yourself, in your thinking and actions to bring it into your present experience. You're not waiting on it. It's here, waiting for you.
And, also improving my active listening, there's the third application of "Hear Now." In other words, catch what's said the first time.
If this theme for 2020 resonates with you, feel free to join me on the journey. Or share in the comments below your word for words for 2020. I'd love to hear them, and I know they will inspire someone else. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.
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