The Cost of Attention

There is always so much to do and think about. But have you considered the true cost of your attention? This week's video will help you recalibrate its value and spend attention more wisely.



What are you focused on? And what is the cost of that attention?

Basic economics tells us everything has an opportunity cost. It's not just the amount you pay, but the reality that you can't spend those same resources elsewhere. You're foregoing the opportunity of anything but what you choose.

Expand this concept to understand other opportunity costs. What you are doing precludes you from doing anything else with the same time. The food you choose to eat means you can't eat a different meal. And when you focus on something, you're also choosing not to focus on something else. Attention comes at the cost of other ideas and opportunities.

I confess I can become obsessed about news and politics, especially when we're approaching elections and big events. It's important to vote and to understand we're facing big challenges and genuine concerns. We need to make smart choices and help others who don't. But being obsessed doesn't solve problems, and we're always approaching elections and events.

What's your attention obsession? Where are you focusing energy that might be more purposeful, joyful, or productive? We pretend we can absorb it all or multitask our way to happiness, but that approach only exhausts you and prevents deeper thinking and contribution.

Escapes and diversions serve a purpose to a point, and I'm not suggesting you forego them entirely. But let's try to spend a greater amount of attention on what's positive, purposeful, and helpful.

What you think about grows and prospers. So, what are you feeding? This week, let's spend our attention a bit more wisely, and stay Off Balance On Purpose.

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