Praise or Performance?

Besides money (which is important), what drives you? The measure of your work and worthiness can either be fulfilling or fleeting.

Watch this short video to get clear on your standards and take control of the outcome.





Besides money, what motivates you? This week we're Off Balance On Purpose in Greenville, South Carolina.
In the past two months, our daughter, Maggie, has built a presence on the social media video platform, Tik Tok, that now has over 25 million views, 5 million likes and 310 thousand followers. She's done it with hard work, wholesome, creative content, leveraging her talents and even invited her mom and me to collaborate. Lifelines!
It's been so fun to see her work hard to figure out what works and what doesn't, and it's prompted conversations about what makes something worth doing: External acknowledgment, or inner satisfaction? Again, leaving out the money motivator, which is important and we will address in the future, which of these two options motivates you more?
Option 1. Doing good work. Creating something you value. Completing a project, or a task. Achieving a vision. In other words, "Accomplishment."
Option 2. Getting noticed and recognized. Receiving awards. Getting clicks, likes, and shares. Acknowledgement.
If you answer option one, you're in much greater control of your success and happiness. You own the outcome and responsibility for making it happen. That's the downside. If you don't get there, it's on you. But if you do, it's deeply satisfying on a personal level. Option two is great, as well. Who doesn't love being acknowledged or recognized for being wonderful? The problem is, the satisfaction can be short-lived. Praise has a shelf life. People move on. You'll always want more. And recognition of what was quickly becomes anticipation of what's next.
One ambition is fulfilling, and the other more fleeting. But here's the thing. When acknowledgement is not as important to you as accomplishment, you still get it! In fact, when praise is not your primary motivator, you actually get more of it and a greater degree of respect. With that in mind, be careful about making "awards" or "accolades" your goals, because they're not ultimately, within your control. In fact, they're not goals. They're byproducts of good work, consistently. And that, you can do. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.

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