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Achievers North America and Achievers Canada named Dan one of the top ten speakers in the world. He's a New York Times Best Selling Author, adventurer, athlete. He's funny, he's inspirational, he's Dan Clark! You'll love him!
Larry King - CNN
Dan will customize his message to meet your newest needs--even on the day of his speech; so flexible he will easily deal with any sudden on-site changes in time and staging; so full of life and incredible experiences he will captivate your crowd.
Les Hewitt - Achievers Canada, & Co-founder Achievers Europe
My good friend, Dan Clark, is one of the truly outstanding speakers in our country. Dan has a lot of good information and delivers it in an inspirational and humorous manner. He speaks from his head and heart to your head and heart.
Zig Ziglar - World Renowned Motivational Teacher
Dan was an exceptional speaker. He arrived with plenty of time to talk to attendees and get to know them. I noticed that some of the information that was given to him by attendees was worked into his presentation only hours later.
Andrea L. Crowder - IDEA - Executive Asst. & Events Coordinator