Dale Henry | A Strong, Humorous Message Packed With Useful Tools

Dale Henry

A Strong, Humorous Message Packed With Useful Tools

Dale Henry

After earning his B.S. and M.S. in Secondary Education, Dale Henry completed his Ph.D. in 1991 with a concentration in the area of Adult and Continuing Education. He has served as an educator, administrator, author, speaker, trainer, consultant and entrepreneur. In 1994, he was appointed Associate Dean of Professional and Graduate Studies for Tennessee's oldest College, Tusculum College in Greeneville, Tennessee. Years of consulting and speaking in seminars and inservice trainings throughout the country, facilitated another transition into public speaking and professional development. Dale Henry has been honored with numerous business and educational awards and prides himself in being a master teacher.

Dr. Dale Henry's many experiences in the field of business and education make him a natural when it comes to lively and humorous presentations. Although Dale believes in the importance of laughter _ his presentations always deliver a strong message packed with useful tools. A native of East Tennessee and the foothills of the Smoky Mountains he draws heavily on his storytelling background to hold the audience in the palm of his hand.

Dale Henry is the founder and president of Your Best Unlimited, a Tennessee based training company. He speaks to and trains over 100,000 professionals and executives each year, for clients such as Levi Strauss, AT&T, First Union Bank, Maytag, Cellular One, GTE, FedEx, MCI, Xerox, Sun Trust, The Disney Company, as well as, Federal and International Agencies. In 1999 alone, he presented to over 40 of the Fortune 50. Dale Henry has been featured on numerous television and radio talk shows around the world and has developed several best selling video and audio training programs. Through his own brand of edu-tainment.

Dale Henry leads his audiences to higher levels of individual and team excellence. All these gifts are blended together to produce entertaining and enlightening programs that touch every member of the audience.

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The Customer is Always Right?

Have you ever had something that was driving you crazy (besides your kids)? Have you every had a problem staring you right in the face until your eyes crossed? Have you wondered why organizations are so consumed with delivering better service but always seem to get worse at every turn? Well, it’s simple. Organizations do not deliver better service. People do.

In this powerful, very funny, and insightful workshop attendees will explore how to serve and care for the customers needs—and leave understanding the difference between service and servitude.

Dealing with the Organizational Wart

For most of us, dealing with change is like having a wart. If it’s somewhere we can’t look at it everyday, we try to forget about it. And if it is somewhere we can see it, we want to get rid of it as soon as possible! Change is the one thing you can count on being constant in a world that never stops spinning. Change drives our everyday life and is the number one cause of stress and anxiety. So, if it is so predictable, what can we do to harness it? This amusing session is designed to reboot and reset you master computer – the brain – and to enable you to work and play smarter in an ever-changing environment.

Ethics — Nobody Needs it… Until They Get Caught

This is a must workshop for everyone preparing for management and leadership. It is the misunderstood and most slippery slope of organizational empowerment. No one really gets hurts by twisting the truth a little – right? Everyone wants to do the right thing – right? Nope! We want to do the easy thing. In this empowering and life changing presentation everyone will leave with a new understanding of – and appreciation for – the power of self-ethical monitoring.

Do You Sizzle or Fizzle? A Recipe for Leadership Country Style

Many believe the road to success belongs to the individual that can make the bottom line boom. This is simply not true. Growing organizations realize that to get to the top floor of success requires you to take the stairs. The future belongs to the listeners, the communicators, and those passionate and dedicated leaders who not only have an enormous amount of energy, but who can energize those around them. This program is designed to help leaders:

• Are you a master communicator? SOFTen your communications with others.

Expect the Unexpected
• Be alert to unforeseen circumstances.

Admire Those Around Them
• Use the untapped wealth of your most important resource-people.

Be Determined
• Never give up. Millions have failed because they quit only moments before a major breakthrough.

Embrace Change
• The only constant in today's society. Learn how to discover and use this valuable tool.

Be Resourceful
• Looking inside at the person you want to be-a Leader. Leadership in any occupation means staying on top and being profitable into the next decade and beyond.

Dale Henry
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