Dr. Crystal Kuykendall

Dr. Crystal Kuykendall NSB Dr. Crystal Kuykendall NSB

Dr. Crystal Kuykendall Text Reviews

You were a tremendous success at the Community of Caring National Conference. Your description of the struggles you faced and the obstacles you overcame in your own life was truly inspiring to our entire group.

Eunice Kennedy Shriver - Joseph P. Kennedy Community for Caring Foundation

Talk with Dr. Crystal Kuykendall for an hour and you start believing that she runs on a different clock to everyone else. The dynamic black American positively defies time.

Gail Williams - The West Australian

So you think you have been to dozens of conferences . . . hundreds of seminars. You probably think that you've seen and heard 'em all. But get ready for Dr. Crystal Kuykendall. Dr. Crystal Kuykendall will knock your socks off.

Ron Scull - Florida Vocational Association

Without a doubt, your presentation was one of the best I've heard during my tour of duty . . .

Barton D. Strong, Rear Admiral U.S. Navy - Commander Naval Air Warfare Center, Aircraft Division

We are still receiving phone calls about the dynamism of your speech. Your message resonated and you truly touched the lives and hearts of your listeners."

Ravi Ravindran - Silicon Valley Private Industry Council

What a dynamic speaker! Everyone should hear her speak. This is not a road show . . . she speaks from the heart. Bridgeport made a great move bringing her here!

State Representative Michael J. Gosehka, R-Blant, MI