Dr. Crystal Kuykendall | Educator, Attorney, Author, Human Relations Expert and Powerful Presenter

Dr. Crystal Kuykendall

Educator, Attorney, Author, Human Relations Expert and Powerful Presenter

Dr. Crystal Kuykendall
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Bringing out the Best in Everybody

Certainly, in today's competitive society, individuals are encouraged to do all they can to improve and empower themselves ----- and this is great! However, Crystal believes that while there is much joy in personal accomplishment, there is commensurate joy in being of benefit, even service to others who really need the goodwill we have to offer. If you are in a position to impact another life, directly or indirectly through professional endeavors, Crystal is able to provide you with the inspiration, insight and ability to fulfill your own life through endeavors to enrich other lives. If you have never thought of outreach, Crystal will inspire you to do so.

Principles of Effective Leadership

opelessness is one of the most pervasive illnesses in society. Crystal helps those "Merchants of Hope" who receive this message to move past obstacles, differences, diversity, and other restraints. Through this message individuals will learn to impact positively the lives of others, restore hope and renew lives. Those who work with youth will be moved by her countless professional tests and triumphs. Crystal defines what leadership really is. Her incredible acumen and understanding of others has allowed her to live the principles she espouses and has shared successfully with numerous audiences.

Author of the book, Developing Leadership for Parent Citizen Groups in 1976, Crystal has provided insight on how to transform oneself from mediocrity in management to laudable results as a leader for over 2 decades. Selected by the editors of Ebony Magazine as one of the "50 Leaders of the Future" in 1979, and the youngest person to serve as Chairperson of a US President's National Advisory Council on Continuing Education (1979-81), Crystal shares her insight on using leadership to resolve problems and to facilitate organizational development. In addition, she provides insight on issues of diversity, time management, stress management, and the dynamics of change.

Winning Women at Work

A working woman since her teen years, Crystal has gleaned a depth of understanding and appreciation for the challenges facing women of all races and backgrounds in the workplace. She has helped thousands of women transform, empower and enrich their lives as working women, loving Moms and unforgettable wives and family members. President and General Counsel of her own firm since 1989, she is also a practicing attorney (Juvenile Justice) who has continued to exemplify the winning attitude she helps others develop. Importantly, Crystal facilitates in others the desire and ability to network, mentor and maximize the resources available to them, making most encounters with others "win-win" in every way -- especially for women who want the most and men who marvel at their wonders.

From Rage to Hope

A firm believer that "educating everyone takes everyone", Crystal has a message for all who are concerned about the proliferation of violence in today's society, drug abuse, drop out rates, teen pregnancy, suicide and youth alienation. In addressing so very effectively the causes of youth rage, Crystal provides insight on dispute resolution, conflict management and mediation. Importantly, she is able to inspire all to be more proactive in abating some of the challenges facing today's youth.

"Getting Peace, Happiness Affection: Triumphs with Daily 'CPR'."... Who doesn't want a fulfilling, productive life? We are in constant pursuit of ways to make things better, unless we have been bitten by the "rut" bug. Crystal has learned through some seriously debilitating setbacks and personal tragedies how to overcome and achieve against all odds. She evokes humor and tears in facilitating the fortitude necessary to make life truly worth living. Her insight on human bonding, relations, obstacle abatement and 'CPR' are inspired.

Other Presentation Topics include:
Other Presentation Topics include:

From Rage to Hope: Strategies for Reclaiming Black and Hispanic Students
Black Survival in White America
The Contemporary Black Woman
Contemporary Educational Issues and the Urban School Board
Parental/Community Involvement in Public Schools & Effective Parenting
Multicultural Education
Identifying Giftedness In the "At-Risk" Learner
School Finance and Fund Raising
Policy Development for Effective Change
Desegregation/Busing and Magnet Schools
Bringing Out the Best In Everybody
School Law, Student Rights
Teacher Contracts/Collective Bargaining
The Role of the Church in the Education of Our Youth
Winning Women at Work (speech given in Perth, West Australia, October 1990)
Achieving Against the Odds (speech given in Perth, West Australia, October 1990)
Building and Maintaining Organizations which serve the African-American Community
Dispute and Conflict Resolution/Management
Differentiation and Brain Development
The Dynamics of Change
Networking and Mentoring
Board-Administration Relations Improving Communications Skills
Improving Student Achievement Through Improved Student Self-Image
Student Discipline/Classroom Management
Teacher Expectations
School Decision Making
Dealing with the Issue of School Bullies
Identifying Giftedness in "At-Risk" Youth
Wellness in a Multicultural Society
Urban Education: Crisis and Solutions
Principles of Effective Leadership
Incommensurability: The Issue Behind School Equity
Parental Involvement in Special Education Programs
Continuing Education: Community Involvement and Access
Improving Employee Performance/Productivity
Stress Management
Magnifying the Power of Merchants of Hope
The Urban School Counselor
Recruitment and Retention in Higher Education
Addressing the Needs of the Black Male Student
Preparing Adolescent Girls for Better Futures
Empowering Our Village, Our People, Ourselves

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