Dr. Clio Cresswell

Dr. Clio Cresswell Dr. Clio Cresswell

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Hands down, one of the best we've had. I had a good chuckle, when during your talk, I looked over to a very prominent female executive who's not known for her humour, and she had her head in her hands having a great laugh. Well done.
Emma Brown - Business Chicks
I now know the mathematical difference in Men and Woman's hormones and believe me, it was a surprise.
Dale Mulholland - Entity Solutions
An entertaining, amusing and informative account of Mathematics and its role in our lives. Dr Cresswell delighted the audience with an intriguing account of probabilities and maths applications in everyday situations.
Malcolm Heath - Insurance Council of Australia
You were exactly what we were looking for; women who are not afraid to follow their passions and define their own success!
Julie Ji - 85Broads
Dr Clio Cresswell delivers an engaging presentation to unlock the secrets of love and relationships . . . You leave the room revitalised and charged with a newfound sexual chemistry--your perfect relationship is truly a mathematical equation away.
Leanne Hucker - NRMA