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"Chris Voss, speaker, gave a captivating keynote speech to a packed auditorium at Bentley University. NCMA Boston's 55th Annual March Workshop was an amazing event with a one of a kind American hero! Chris kept us spell bound. He walked us through his transformation from FBI swat team member to the world's leading hostage negotiator. His ideas throw conventional negotiation tactics on their head. At the same time, they deeply resonate with anyone who has felt "taken hostage" during a negotiation. If Chris's techniques can work on barricaded criminals with assault rifles, they can get your negotiation counterpart to see your point of view and change what they are doing. After the lecture, the audience left feeling empowered and inspired but clearly wanted more. Chris was enthusiastic and gracious about personally connecting with as many new fans as possible. These four hundred new members of the Black Swan Family have been rushing home every night to check their mailboxes for his upcoming book "Never Split the Difference." On a personal note, I did agree to use my newfound skills for good and not evil. However I admit to successfully using Chris's hostage negotiation tactics on my boss, kids and at a local Subaru dealership."
Ellen K. Kelley, President - National Contracts Management Association (NCMA) Boston
It is very important for our company to choose the perfect speaker for our kickoff membership luncheon. This February we hired Chris Voss of the Black Swan Group. Mr. Voss shared with us his riveting situations spent as a lead international kidnapping negotiator with the FBI. He also brought his experiences down to the level for REALTORS to use in negotiating with their real estate clients. Our Luncheon was very successful, members today are still commenting on how good of a speaker he was.
Jeanette Baumann, Executive Vice President - Downey Association of Realtors