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Health and Wellness-The difference between health care and sick care. True health begins with balance. Balance and unity is the true concept of health. Not getting too high or too low in any area of life.

There are two prevalent, differing ideas in the arena of health today, the idea of health care vs. sick care. The term health in Webster’s Dictionary is defined as being sound in mind, body, or spirit; the freedom from pain or disease. The health industry today follows the definition closely. It focuses on the symptoms of either the mind or the body, or the spirit, but not all three at once. The version of health in the world today is to cover the symptoms of sickness, but rarely is there an attempt to make a connection between all three levels of the person. Wellness is bringing balance to all three levels. Wellness is a lifelong journey to identify what causes separation between all three levels of life. Sick care focuses on the separated pieces, however health care focuses on bringing unity between them.

Depression and Anxiety-Anxiety is a product of how we think+eat+detox.

Depression and Anxiety both begin with a thought, an idea, an unwritten rule that comes from the habits we learned from our genes and childhoods. How have we learned to view the world, in the past, present, or future tense? Depression is the equivalent of believing you have never or ever will be good enough. Anxiety is worrying if you have ever been or ever will be good enough. When we think negative thoughts by keeping our minds in the future or in the past (but never present), our cells require more food and excrete more waist. As a result, we eat things for the quick fix of energy(processed sugar), and we do not detox properly through a stressed digestive system. This leads to improper production of calming brain chemicals within our digestive tract. We eventually become anxious or depressed because we have been trained to eat the foods that create those feelings. How you have learned as a child, will determine how you eat and think as an adult.

Nutrition on Body Types-The major things each body type should not eat, and what should be applied.

There are 3 main body types in the world. Each body type has the ability to produce certain enzymes(substances that speed up a process or break down food), which gives that body type the ability to remove toxins and cholesterol readily from the blood. Each body type utilizes certain stress organs as it’s first line of defense against stress, namely the adrenals, thyroid, and ovaries. The body type has the capability of removing more toxins and cholesterol from the blood than the other types. There is a normal detox pathway for each body type. Certain foods and nutrition support that detox pathway and some foods prevent it. Nutrition is vital to support the stressed gland of each body type, as well as avoiding the foods that cut the energy from those organs. www.EnzTea.com shows further information on his research

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