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High Impact Life-Changing Message for Youth

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South Lyon, Michigan, United States
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Christopher Appleton delivers a life-changing message to adolescents about sex, teen pregnancy, drugs and positive choices. He is a certified K-12th grade reproductive health specialist with an abundance of knowledge in HIV/AIDS, STD and teen pregnancy prevention. Chris has an overflow of passion and vivacity that's noticeable when he speaks. Armed with a huge heart, he will ignite and inspire your students to achieve their dreams and goals. Chris's objectives are to deliver a message ...

He has a great rapport with students and is certainly an excellent role model for middle school students. Teachers speak highly of Chris and highlight his ability to present sensitive content information in an engaging and appropriate manner.

Donn Tignanelli, Assistant Superintendent - Van Dyke Public Schools,

. . . what you do will continue to make a difference in the lives of students all over the Macomb County area and beyond. Continue to do what you are doing with young people. Your work is not in vain but will accomplish much more than you will ever know.

Kathryn Rhodes - Mount Clemens High School

He has served as a positive role model among many adolescents and has the skills to assist them in building their self-esteem, make healthier decisions about their life and teach them valuable life skills.

Vera Johnson - Sasha Bruce Youthwork, Inc

Christopher provided my students with a wealth of knowledge regarding abstinence, the importance of good choices, and their health. He was able to provide quality instruction that was age appropriate and filled with high energy.

Mary Lynn Peterson - Lincoln Middle School

Mr. Appleton has demonstrated many fine attributes which will serve him well as he pursues other opportunities. His commitment and dedication were obvious as he demonstrated a great rapport with the students and staff.

John Nader - Lanse Cruese High School

I appreciate the info you helped me learn about STDs. I know now that I can wait to have sex because I don't want to risk getting any STDs in the 7th grade. I will always remember my seventh grade because of the amazing experience you gave us.

Student - Chandler park
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