6 Speakers You'll Want At Your Church This Fall

July 18, 2016

Shruthi Lapp

Marketing Coordinator


Caleb Castille

  • Two-Time National Champion Football Player
  • Actor in the Film ‘Woodlawn’ 

Caleb is passionate about sharing his heart for God with young people in order to encourage them to start living for God. Though he was baptized at the age of six, he gave his life to the Lord again at the age of 22. This sparked him to start sharing his testimony with other young people. He believes that age is often used as an excuse by young people to not live out a Godly life. Caleb signed with a talent agency which earned him appearances in print ads for Nike, Springs and Air Jordan and soon realized he had a heart for acting. This was yet another part of his life that he wanted to give to the Lord, so Caleb only accepted roles that aligned with his faith. He was eventually cast in the hit film Woodlawn as athlete Tony Nathan which gave him even more of a spotlight to continue encouraging young people to live according to God’s word. 


Annie Downs

  • Author + Blogger
  • Women’s Ministry and Youth Events 

Annie is sunshine in human form and as real as they come. She is a gifted writer and speaker with a tremendous heart for telling people all about the ways in which God is constantly changing her life. She has a natural ability to genuinely connect with others whether it’s through blog posts, podcasts, speaking engagements or her four powerful books. Ultimately, the way in which Annie lives her life  consistently points to a living, breathing God who is present in our lives every single day. She will be a breath of fresh air at any young womens’ or college students’ retreat along with a multitude of church events.


John Crist

  • Clean Comedy Headliner 
  • Denver Improv’s ‘Got Laughs’ Competition Winner

John went from doing announcements at church to a journalism major to a comedian. He would naturally crack jokes while doing church announcements which eventually led him to his first open mic night. Before he knew it, he was performing on Louie Anderson’s “Larger Than Life” in Las Vegas! He went on to win competitions like The Denver Laughs Competition and The Loonees Comedy Competition and even perform at churches, festivals and for Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft. His positive influence extends to social media with multiple videos reaching over 3 million views. 


Johnnie Moore

  • Former Senior VP at Liberty University
  • Author of ‘Defying ISIS’ 

Johnnie is another great example of the magic that happens when faith and world-changing are combined and put into action. He launched the non-profit organization, The Cradle Fund after his time spent in the Middle East during the refugee crisis in 2014. The Cradle Fund allowed for the rescue of more than 100,000 refugees who were affected by ISIS. Additionally, Johnnie has worked in Somalia, Syria, Bosnia, and Rwanda to provide aid for genocide victims. What Johnnie chooses to do with his life every day is tremendously inspiring and deserving of sharing with as many people as possible. 


Carlos Whittaker

  • Author of ‘Moment Maker’ 
  • Blogger + Thought Leader

Carlos is a powerhouse of both talent and depth who has had quite a few big moments in his life. After a YouTube video of his son went viral, the Wittakers were suddenly cast into the public eye. Carlos used this as an opportunity to make the world a little bit better and share his message of how individual moments in his life weave together for the better. His gift of communication along with his refreshing perspective of life make him to perfect fit for churches and conferences. 


Jon Erwin

  • Director, Writer, Producer
  • Woodlawn, October Baby, Mom’s Night Out

Since starting as a camera operator for ESPN as a teenager, Jon has worked for FOX, NFL and the Super Bowl over the course of his career! It was only natural that he ventured into the world of music video and concert production for artists like Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith. His cultivated talents earned him three ‘Music Video of the Year’ Dove Awards. Jon says that it was because of home schooling that his career manifested the way it did. Home schoolers and potential home schoolers alike would benefit greatly from hearing Jon talk about his experiences and what he gained from them.

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