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6 Change Reactions, Productivity, and Leaders; Author of "Sticking Points"

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Haydn Shaw

Haydn Shaw is a leading expert on the multiple generations, leadership, change management, personal productivity, and trust.

He is the author of "Sticking Points: How to Get 4 Generations Working Together in the 12 Places They Come Apart" and Franklin Covey's bestselling workshops "Leading Across Generations" and "Working Across Generations". He also writes on generations and leadership for the Huffington Post.

TIME wrote, "Shaw is an expert on cultural differences at the office." He has spoken to over 100,000 people and worked with more than 1,500 businesses (from Fortune 500 companies to start ups), not-for-profit organizations, and governmental agencies. He speaks and consults in excess of 160 days each year to clients who consistently invite him back.

Hailed as a "leadership guru" by the Washington Post, Haydn Shaw has delivered hundreds of convention keynotes or intimate off-sites. Known for taking groups from hilarity to deep reflection, he combines rich content with use-tomorrow tools. His presentations make an impact because he does his homework, designing each one for your unique needs. Having worked with hundreds of organizations, Haydn connects with virtually any group in any industry, and brings practical and inspiring examples from the boardroom and the front line.

He also has worked with Franklin Covey for twenty three years as a senior consultant and one of their most requested keynote speakers specializing in their generations, leadership, execution, personal productivity and trust methodologies.


His generational keynotes get people laughing at the generations so they quit complaining about the generations and start learning why the generations are different and how to turn those differences into productivity and sales. People frequently refer to his presentation on generations as one of the best speeches they have ever heard.

Sticking Points: How to Get the 4 Generations Working Together in the 12 Places They Come Apart
Leading the Millennials: Gaining, Training, and Retaining the Text Message Generation
Don't Miss Half Your Market: Selling to Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials

Change may be the new normal but the emotions it creates sure shakes up people. Just as the tsunami kills more people than the actual earthquake, people's emotional reactions to change cause more problems than the change itself. When they announce changes, leaders tell their people that change is now a fact of life. But there is another fact of life: people respond to change in six ways. When leaders and managers ignore the 6 Change Reactions, they make change harder than it needs to be.

Leading through the 6 Change Reactions: Why Change Stalls and What You Can Do about It (for leaders, managers, and supervisors)
Understanding the 6 Change Reactions: Making Change Faster and Easier for All of Us (for all employees)
Light Eaters, Yipper/ Yappers, and Hound Dogs: Dealing with the Three Types of Resistant and Negative Employees (for everyone)

When trust is high, teams get things done. But when trust is low, everything slows down and costs more.

Haydn Shaw travels from Chicago, where he lives in a multigenerational household with his Gen Xer wife, Laurie, his Traditionalist mother-in-law, his disabled Gen X brother-in-law, and his Millennial children.

Haydn Shaw
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Current: Generational IQ

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How do I pass on my faith to my children?

How do I pass on my faith to my children when they don’t respond to the things I find most meaningful about my faith? And what can I do now that my child is walking away from the faith? Two out of every three youth group graduates will drop out of church for at least a year between 18 and 23. One third will leave the faith and not come back. But there’s some amazing research that shows us what works and what pushes young people away.

Saving Sex for Marriage

Is it even possible for young people to save sex for marriage when they don’t marry until age twenty-eight?

The spiritual strengths and temptations of each of the four generations

Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation Xers, and Millennials--we can’t relate to, love on, get along with, or most importantly reach and minister to other generations as well unless we understand their inherent spiritual strengths and vulnerabilities. Even more importantly, millions from each of the generations stay spiritually stuck because they to understand the temptations to which they are particularly vulnerable. Here are the spiritual temptations I address.

• Traditionalists: purposeless retirement and past over future orientation.

• Baby Boomers: giving psychology greater regard than Scripture for help in living daily life and church hopping.

• Gen Xers: cynicism and believing the philosophy “it may be true for you, but it’s not true for me”.

• Millennials: misapplying “judge not” in the name of diversity and the over focus on the kingdom of God at the expense of the church.

Is Christianity really going to be dead in three generations?

With Pew’s major report about the Nones all over the news and again on the front cover of USA Today yesterday, the people of faith are worried. And that leads to a bunker mentality or panic. It’s the question I get asked question most often and it opens wonderful conversations for what Christians can do in a pluralistic world where we no longer have home-field advantage.

Haydn Shaw
Featured Book

Sticking Points

by Haydn Shaw
Updated with new findings on Gen Z!
With five generations in the workplace at once, there's bound to be some sticking points. This is the first time in American history that we have five different generations working side-by-side in the workplace: the Traditionalists (born before 1945), the Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964), Gen X (born between 1965-1980), Millennials (born 1981-2001) and Gen Z (born 1996-present). Haydn Shaw, popular business speaker and generational expert, has identified 12 places where the 5 generations typically come apart in the workplace (and in life as well). These sticking points revolve around differing attitudes toward managing one's own time, texting, social media, organizational structure, and of course, clothing preferences. If we don't learn to work together and stick together around these 12 sticking points, then we'll be wasting a lot of time fighting each other instead of enjoying a friendly and productive team. Sticking Points is a must-read book that will help you understand the generational differences you encounter while teaching us how we can learn to speak one another's language and get better results together.

Christianity Is Not Dying and Millennials Are Not the Problem

written by Tony Morgan  I got a chance to preview Haydn Shaw’s new book Generational IQ: Christianity Isn’t Dying, Millennials Aren’t the...
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