Megan Alexander

Megan Alexander, Healthcare, Women's Health, Abstinence Megan Alexander, Healthcare, Women's Health, Abstinence

Megan Alexander Text Reviews

We hosted Megan and were very pleased. She did a fantastic job on stage and afterwards. I would recommend her for any faith based speaking event.
Steve Pryor - Moore4Jesus
Megan did an excellent job! She was very friendly and approachable - which our donors loved! Her speech was very refreshing for a change from the typical speeches that we normally have at our banquet. She was thoroughly enjoyed by young and old.
Faye Hill - Lowcountry Pregnancy Center
Megan was outstanding! She was very engaged with our Foundation. She was the best that we've ever had for the luncheon! She will be the bar for the luncheon moving forward.
Barbara Boren - Life Savers Foundation
Megan was the best speaker we have ever had. She received a standing ovation from our sold-out crowd. Her message was perfectly on point for us - to be salt and light in the marketplace. My attendees told me they wished they had brought their young adult children to hear Megan, that every age needs to hear her message. She is a very gifted public speaker and her speech at the event was a huge success for us.
Sarah Tackett, Director - Defiance Ohio Prayer Breakfast
Of the 60 years we have put on this prayer breakfast, more people have told me that Megan was their favorite speaker than anyone else. She is warm, engaging, and dynamic. Megan shares real stories from on the job and offers application for anyone who wants to live out their Fatih in the workplace. Her message is exactly what we hope our event will do. I highly recommend Megan to any faith organization.
Susan Cournoyer, SVP/CFO - YMCA of Snohomish County
I cannot say enough good things about Megan Alexander. She had our entire audience captivated with her speech. She is one of the best keynote speakers we have ever had, and I have attended countless events like this. I believe the church needs to hear from a female leader like Megan.
Pat Brinn, Coordinator - San Jose Prayer Breakfast
Megan shared an incredible message encouraging women to not only formalize how their faith impacts their work, but to grow community and walk alongside the next generation. We appreciate her heart for equipping working women with biblical truth and practical tools.
Joy Dahl - The Polished Network