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Friendish Book Trailer
Time 01:18
Why Differences are a Good Thing in Friendship
Time 20:52
What Does it Mean to Know God?
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Friendish Seminar Preview
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Womanhood and the Gospel

How does the gospel impact our understanding of womanhood? We’ll look at our Creation, our Sin and our Redemption as women.

How to Cultivate Connection

We all desire to have close friends within our communities, but it can seem so challenging to see that desire come to fruition! So what can we do? How can we work to create an environment where deep and meaningful friendships can form? Here are 8 ways we can all work to create environments in our churches where friendship and community can blossom.

Connecting with God through the Word

The Bible is not our savior; it simply points us to Him. So how do we make sure we aren’t making the same mistake the Pharisees did, becoming experts in theology and never connecting with Jesus?

Real Power for Lasting Change

We naturally gravitate to five-step plans or self-help advice to bring about change in our own lives. But lasting transformation comes not as we follow a to-do list, but as we walk with a Person.

Kelly Needham
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