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Jan Dravecky

Jan Dravecky - The Woman Behind the Man - Dave Dravecky

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Jan Dravecky

As the cliche says, "Behind every great man is a great woman." This is the case with Jan Dravecky, wife of the former San Francisco Giants baseball pitcher Dave Dravecky. Dave is known to baseball fans around the world for his dramatic 1989 comeback to the major leagues following cancer surgery on his pitching arm. Just as dramatic was Dave's departure from baseball after the return of his cancer and the amputation of his left arm.

Throughout this season of their lives, Jan and Dave went through an incredible odyssey of physical and emotional pain. They experienced the heights and depths of joy and despair, faith and doubt, intimacy and aloneness. Their story, chronicled in the book "When You Can't Comeback," has been a powerful source of encouragement to readers of every age and background.

While in the midst of their journey, Jan found herself fighting a crippling depression that refused to lift. Admonitions to "snap out of it" or "pray through it" only left her guilt-ridden and exhausted. Jan shares her own "comeback" story from her book, "A Joy I'd Never Known." With honesty and candor, she provides a glimpse of how God prepared her and Dave for their ministry to the hurting by first leading them through their own dark, tear-filled valley. Jan went from being a "woman in control" to a woman under God's control.

"When I was going through my depression and panic attacks, I thought I was the only one," says Jan. " I share my story so that others, who find themselves in the same valley, will know that they are not alone and that they, too, can make it to the other side."

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Jan Dravecky

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