Freddie Scott | Former NCAA / NFL athlete, Author of "The Dad I Wish I Had"

Freddie Scott

Former NCAA / NFL athlete, Author of "The Dad I Wish I Had"

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Freddie Scott
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NFL Promo
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Essential Keys to a Healthy Marriage
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You're Stronger Than You Think
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The importance of men and fathers
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Transition Skills for Life & Family

In a world where the stresses and coping with sudden transition are pulling families apart, how do you keep yourself and your family together? Everyone will have to cope with the trauma of sudden change. Freddie explains the need and the opportunity for families and people to reinvent themselves and have more effective communication, reduce conflict, establish goals, and understand their total wellness.

It Starts with You
It’s Time to Think Like a CEO

It Starts with You is about re-wiring people from a worker mindset to think like a CEO: fast, creative, and innovatively. The future of our society is dependent on people being proactive in leading their families, and not reactive based on the hand that was dealt. Freddie believes that the future of our nation will be fuelled by men and women who embrace their roles as the leaders in their homes. Freddie will help you transform the way you view your family, and seize your opportunity to make an impact.

Technology + Family

Technology is disrupting everything. Freddie will explore three technologies that impact how we communicate and consume information. This session will get you thinking about how technology can become an enabler to solve problems at home and innovate. Freddie will use cutting edge examples to illustrate how technology is changing the future and people relationships to their families, and what your family should be thinking about now to get ahead of these shifts.

Leadership + Reputation

In this fast paced world reputation has quickly become a persons’ most valuable asset, and is now more important than their FICO Score. In this presentation Freddie talks about reputation (online and offline), managing expectations, and increasing the reach of your influence by building credibility. This discussion is relevant to everyone regardless of where you are in life.

Freddie Scott
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Freddie Scott

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