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Cynthia Wenz pro-life Cynthia Wenz pro-life
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Cynthia Wenz: Pro-life Message

Cynthia Wenz

Keynote Speaker for Pro-Life Movement, Women in Business (President/CEO) and Author of Healed for Life

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Houston, TX
About Cynthia Wenz

A nationally recognized voice in the Life movement, Cynthia Wenz is Founder of Healed for Life Ministries, a 501(c)3 that advocates for the health of women and their relationships, unveils the abortion experience, and amplifies the voice of the healed and healing post-abortive community. Having served as President and CEO of a holistic reproductive health center from 2009-2017, Cynthia supports the growth of pregnancy medical centers through HFLM, helping to raise the standard of care ...

We had our daughter join us to hear Cynthia and I'm glad we did. I was able to encourage her that she too will be a person that people who are all messed up will come to and she can help point them to God and good choices. It was a sweet time with her!"

Cornerstone Ministries

Cynthia is a fantastic pro-life speaker. Her story is compelling and she shares it with courage and grace. Our guests were deeply moved. She was a blessing to work with. I am already looking for opportunities to bring her back to Michigan. Her testimony is not one you will soon forget!

Barbara Rotary, Director of Planned Giving - Right To Light Michigan

It is the Monday after the GALA, and we are so happy with the outcome and the results. We had over 60 home parties and the feedback was amazing. People are commenting that they actually enjoyed being at home with friends and loved ones more than being in a large ballroom with 700 people! And do you know the best part of all? In talking to many groups and hosts, their favorite part of the evening was your testimony.

I cannot thank you enough for your passion, courage and testimony. I can honestly say that you have changed my life by your witness and call to action. As soon as I knew, through the Holy Spirit, that you were the one to be our speaker this year, I began praying daily that people's hearts would be moved and changed through your testimony. God has answered my prayer.

Amy Glaser, Donor Development Coordinator - Sacramento Life Center

Cynthia was flat out AMAZING! She went above and beyond in every aspect. She was personable and friendly to all our supporters. She helped us to double our giving! We are blown away. I wholeheartedly recommend her for your banquet.

Anne Towne - Pregnancy Resources of Delaware County
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