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Chad Eastham, Abstinence Chad Eastham, Abstinence

Chad Eastham Speech Topics

Guys Are Waffles Girls Are Spaghetti - The Fun Guide To The Sexes
Chad Eastham’s popular presentation on the “gender thing”, in a fun way that makes sense and involves food, pretty easy. Starting with guy's, girls, feelings and brains, he talks about brain development, social habits, faith, differences in emotions, and relationship building skills for teens to...
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Stuff They Forgot To Tell Us . . . About Friends, Love, God, Each Other, & The Ostrich
In an upbeat and eclectic presentation (think Malcolm Gladwell books meet faith and young people, with humor), this presentation focuses on some interesting subjects that often fall in between the cracks of the ‘more common life subjects.’ But don’t be fooled . . . they are just as important....
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The Truth About Guys
Chad Eastham tells it like clearly is . . . to girls . . . from a guy’s perspective. In roughly an hour format, he is known for his ability to speak clearly and humorously on this basic GUY thing, since people are still oddly confused about it, clearly, and they don’t need to be. Done in a way...
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Going Deeper in Your Faith: Try the Shallow End First
Why the deep end so quick? What’s “the deep end of faith?” What if god prefers that we spend time “going shallower” too? Why do we even use phrases like this in the first place? In a fun and easy to understand manner, Chad takes on the challenge to go “ Deeper In Your Faith,” and what that “even...
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The Truth About Dating, Love & Just Being Friends
With his typical wit and wisdom for teens, Chad brings sought after advice, in a fun message, concerning the timeless topics of dating, love, “friendship”, happy people, miserable people, & other important stuff. This presentation puts a new spin on these topics, to the young people who are still...
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The Simple Truth About The Teenager:
(The Truth About Series . . . 3 bestselling books worth of topics) Geared for one to five presentations, Chad combines three books worth of work on this subject alone, with a surprising answer. The point of being a teenager is to change, period, and that’s fun. Tailored to fit specific groups...
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The Truth About Breaking Up, Making Up, & Moving On With Life
Chad’s conversational tone, facts, and advice will encourage young people to rethink life’s conversations, even the difficult stuff like heartbreak. Love and joy and happiness come from the difficult stuff too, and he has a flowchart to prove it. Relationships are like road trips. Sometimes they’...
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LIFE: The Terrible Parts, Why They Happen, What To Do About It, and Why They’re Actually Important . . . No Kidding.
A modern, fun, and decidedly new take on difficult things, from his new book about tough stuff in life. From relationships breaking, losing people, being confused or lost in general, to why pain actually hurts, this is a CRUCIAL topic to understand. With much needed humor and honest advice, the...
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SEX: A Supposedly Normal Thing In LIfe, That Apparently Involves Magic, & People Everywhere Are Still Confused About . . . Until Now.
Talk Description to youth about sex and purity and disease and pregnancy and heartache, normally found here. In fact your mind practically expected those words when it approaches the topic of SEX. . . This is not that talk. It's about Sex. It's amazing. It's fascinating. It's probably one of the...
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