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Chad Eastham, Abstinence Chad Eastham, Abstinence

Chad Eastham Bio

Chad Eastham understands today's teens and young adults. More importantly, they understand him. Chad is relatable and funny. He's real. He weaves complex facts with fun in a unique and humorous way that hits home. He tells them its okay to be uncertain, and to ask questions honestly. Amy Chandy, Head of William Morris Endeavor Live Events and Women of Faith said, "I have never seen 10,000 teenagers so quiet. They held onto every word." And, "I've never heard anyone talk like this to teens and young adults and it works! Adults always come to hear him speak."

Often called a young Dr. Drew, Chad's youthful and entertaining style captivates audiences. These stats will captivate you. Chad was the #1 speaker on the Revolve Tour by popularity and book sales. He's spoken to more than a million teens and young adults. His YouTube videos have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times in all, and the curriculum he developed, a Healthy Vision Curriculum called Safe Teen, won awards and impacted lives. He moves product as well as moving people.

Chad's story is filled with pain, confusion, and loneliness. Chad's parents divorced when he was six. He spent time in juvenile, and went through rehab with his sister. It's that brokenness and pain that has led him to where he is today, and drives him to help others.

Those who hear Chad live or read his books walk away encouraged and empowered, with deeper insight of who they are. They feel a heightened sense of self-worth. They also realize they're not alone. Erika L. put it this way, "The Truth About Dating, Love and Just Being Friends makes you feel NORMAL!"