Chad Robichaux

Chad Robichaux Chad Robichaux

Chad Robichaux Speech Topics

Get Off the ‘X’

In "Get Off the X," Chad shares his personal story of overcoming trauma and finding purpose.  He talks about how he struggled with PTSd and suicidal ideations after serving in the military and witnessing horrific events.  But he never gave up, and through his faith, he found...

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The Warrior Within

In "The Warrior Within," Chad draws upon his experiences as a former Force Recon Marine, veteran advocate, and humanitarian to deliver a message that is rooted in faith and biblical teachings. He emphasizes that we all have a "warrior" within us, as it says in Ephesians...

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Fear Not

In "Fear Not," Chad delivers a message of hope and courage rooted in biblical teachings. He draws upon passages such as Isaiah 41:10 and 2 Timothy 1:7 to remind audiences that God is with us in times of fear and uncertainty. Chad emphasizes that fear is a natural response, but we can...

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Commencement Speeches

Chad would be an excellent choice for a commencement speaker because he embodies the qualities that graduates need to succeed in the real world: resilience, perseverance, and a strong sense of purpose. His personal journey from Marine to MMA fighter to veteran advocate demonstrates the power of...

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