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Chad Robichaux: I Am Second

Chad Robichaux

Force Recon Marine, Pro MMA Champion, Author, Founder of Mighty Oaks Foundation

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Houston, TX, USA
About Chad Robichaux

Chad Robichaux has lived an extraordinary life.  A former Force Recon Marine, JSOC operator, Federal Agent and professional MMA champion, Chad has overcome incredible challenges and found success in a wide range of fields, from entrepreneurship to non-profit advocacy.  But perhaps most importantly, Chad has dedicated his life to helping others overcome challenges and find a renewed sense of purpose.

Chad's journey began in the special operations community, where he served ...

Thank you for sharing your incredible story ... I extend my personal gratitude to you for your distinguished and steadfast service to our country."

President Donald Trump - 45th President of the United States

Chad used his compelling story to draw us in and then point to the power of the Gospel. What a powerful testimony.

David Nasser, Senior VP of Spiritual Development - Liberty University

Chad and Kathy Robichaux spoke at our church for Memorial Day. They not only honored our Veterans, but they spoke about life's challenges and how ro overcome those challenges with Jesus Christ as our ultimate Healer. Their personal testimony showed our congregation how to have victory over many of life's entanglements, from depression to marital struggles, and how Jesus can be our bondage breaker. We now consider this amazing couple part of The Life Church Family!

Pastor Dave Baird - The Life Church (Manassas, VA)

With disarming honesty and faith, Chad and Kathy Robichaux have shared their story here in Brentwood. And God has used their story to rekindle faith and hope in weary hearts, and rekindle love in tired marriages.

Pastor Dave Mason - Brentwood Neighborhood Church (Brentwood, CA)

I highly recommend Chad Robichaux to you not only as an outstanding communicator with a great heart and passion, but also as someone who loves the Church and Pastors. Chad understands the unique demands of Pastoral leadership and seeks to come alongside in a complimentary way to partner in reaching the lost, particularly Veterans. The two words I would use to describe Chad are "humility" and "servant."

Tom Ferrell, Lead Pastor - Atascadero Bible Church

Chad Robichaux has the heart of a "true warrior." compassionate but full of resolve. His message leaves you believing in the greatness of the country and the service members that fought for her. Chad's dedication to seeing these warriors whole again reveals that God is still in the business of transforming lives. Our congregation is still talking about his visit. We hope he becomes a regular guest here at Bethel Christian Fellowship.

David Domina, Lead Pastor - Bethel Christian Fellowship (Rochester, NY)
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