Alicia Williamson Garcia | One of America's Favorite Women's Ministry Speakers and Worship Leaders

Alicia Williamson Garcia

One of America's Favorite Women's Ministry Speakers and Worship Leaders

Alicia Williamson Garcia
Featured Keynote Programs

Worship – A Response to Truth, Not a Reaction to Circumstances

Alicia’s “buzz word” is “response”. This conference is a two or three part series where Alicia defines and describes the core definition of worship. Alicia shows what a right response to biblical truth should look like in modern culture. “Worship, in its total essence, is a response to truth, not a reaction to circumstances.” –Alicia

OWN IT! Making Your Mark on the Next Generation

A biblical response to TEENS and the “faith” of modern culture. This presentation challenges the modern culture with the truth of the bible.

OWN IT! God’s Big Plan for Your Undeniable SUCCESS!

A two, three, or four part series on understanding God’s purpose and plan for each individual life!

Biblical Worldview vs. Christian Worldview

Are they the same or different? Alicia probes into a cultural definition of Christianity, in relationship to the biblical definition of what it means to be a Christ follower. Alicia shows her audience how to use the scriptures, in context of meaning, to form biblical responses to modern culture.

A Woman’s Response to Pop Culture

Relationships are everything. In this series, Alicia speaks to women about cultivating a biblical response to the relationships that are most critical to her success.

a. A Woman’s Response to Marriage – Submit! In a way that will make him LOVE YOU like God commands him to!

b. A Woman’s Response to Motherhood/Grandmother-hood – Reconnecting the next generation to Jesus – Not just stories about Him.

c. A Woman’s Response in the workplace and business relationships – Success! When Your Boss is simply hard to deal with!

d. A Woman’s Response to the body of Christ – Who’s the “mean lady” in your church? This message will help women overcome the real issues that hinder godly friendships.

e. A Woman’s Response to true worship – Practical application of how true worship can revolutionize you, your family, and your sphere of influence.


How it Works and How it’s Hindered – an in depth look at power of speaking with God. Perfect for National Day of Prayer.


Still Absolutely Amazing! - A palatable message, or series of messages, on the power and spiritual implications of the cross of Jesus Christ. Great salvation/evangelical message of hope!

The Heart of God

A three lecture series from the Old Testament Tabernacle that shows how one can draw near, with confidence, to the very heart of a loving and holy God.

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Alicia Williamson Garcia

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