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Chris Westfall, Employee Engagement NSB Chris Westfall, Employee Engagement NSB

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The NEW Elevator Pitch is a critical resource to help you create breakthrough communications when it matters the most.

Carol Roth, Contributor, Radio Host - CNBC

He is very polished, but that polish is backed up by substance, and the two combine for an audience that is more informed and enlightened than before he spoke. Chris's interpersonal communication skills are also among his greatest strengths. Teams want to be led by him.

Jason Kulas, CEO - Santander Consumer USA

Have you ever interacted with marketing and branding experts who offer wildly creative possibilities for what your business could look and feel like? Chris is not that type of branding expert. He's better. And to top it off, Chris's energetic and engaging presentation style makes for a fun and memorable learning experience!

Allison Seabeck, President - Prosci

Chris showed me the power of invitational communication and I now use this technique in literally every situation when I need to make a skeptic into an advocate. Chris is fun to work with, engaging and highly motivated. I heartily endorse Chris - he will steward your message well!

Blake Teipel, CEO and Co-Founder - Essentium

When your critics and your competition come at you with guns blazing, you need the best protection for your brand. Here's a guy who knows his message! There's nothing more important than a great elevator pitch, and Chris understands and demonstrates the best of the best!

Jeffrey Hayzlett, TV and Radio Host

These days asking for someone's attention for more than 10 seconds is asking a lot! Doing so in the TV series Shark Tank, in front of 5 very successful business people is something more than challenging.. Chris Westfall helped me prepare and deliver the sales presentation that changed my life! Thumbs Up for Chris!!

J. Emilio Cano - Shark Tank Australia

Chris provided a dynamic and informative webinar on how to "Make Your Message Matter" during a recent career week I organized at Cisco. If you need a creative preparation, thought-provoking content and interactive delivery - Chris is your choice!

Dubravka Novkovic, Head of Talent Management, Worldwide Sales Enablement - Cisco Systems

Those who experience his presentations walk away empowered, enlightened and directed toward immediately actionable steps to be better in their own lives, both personally and professionally. I recommend Chris wholeheartedly!

Bruce Bradford, SVP - Bank of Albuquerque

contacted Chris when I was struggling to explain, quickly and easily, what RNC does and how we can help. I was amazed at his ability to grasp concepts and reframe them. He was brave and straightforward in his advice but never didactic or pushy. A true pleasure to work with - the results have increased my results and those of others I've suggested seek his help. I can't speak highly enough of his work!

Diane Dromgold, Managing Director - Rnc Global Projects, Australia

Chris is not only a masterful presenter; he can teach the skills to others. I was blown away by how quickly he analyzed my presentation and suggested a better way to deliver it. See Chris live if you get the chance. Otherwise get his book, The New Elevator Pitch.

Kurt Shaver, Entrepreneur and Speaker