Chip St. Clair Bio

Chip St. Clair has been capturing the hearts of audiences everywhere with his compelling story of hope, triumph, and the true measure of strength each of us has when we can simply gain the courage to look within. He began sharing his story nationally in 2002, having been featured by major television outlets such as Good Morning America, Dateline, and the Huffington Post, and most recently in a documentary series on OWN as well as Investigation Discovery, now airing in syndication worldwide. As founder and executive director of the St. Clair Butterfly Foundation, St. Clair's work often places him in the media spotlight as he fights relentlessly for tough legislation aimed at combating identity theft and protecting children. In 2005, Chip St. Clair was honored as the recipient of a U.S. Congressional Record for his ardent child advocacy.

His compelling story is chronicled in his memoir The Butterfly Garden (HCI, 2008). Universities, high schools, domestic violence shelters, and juvenile detention facilities all across the country have incorporated his memoir into their curriculum, and St. Clair's expertise in advocacy and identity theft, as well as his riveting lectures have become an integral part of the training for law enforcement, prosecutors, and DHS is several states.

In 2007, Chip and Lisa founded the St. Clair Butterfly Foundation, a non-profit that helps children heal from traumatic experiences using therapeutic programs based in the creative arts. St. Clair's mission is to eradicate the notion that children of sordid backgrounds are defined by their surroundings and destined to continue a cycle of suffering.

Today, Chip continues to expand his foundation, to lecture, and is working on several new fiction book projects, where he looks to offer readers of all ages the same inspiration and enjoyment he found in books as a child.

He recently finished the manuscript for a historical fantasy series as well as a riveting coming of age novel. St. Clair resides in Michigan with his wife Lisa.