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Be the Change.

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Chip St. Clair has spent the past fifteen years writing bestselling nonfiction and screenplays for Oscar-nominated actors and producers, as well as contributing to the growth and success of two nonprofit organizations serving traumatized youth. Currently, he serves as a Ghostwriter and Project Editor for Advantage/ForbesBooks, where he has the distinct pleasure of helping the world's most innovative thought-leaders and entrepreneurs tell informative and entertaining stories. To date, he's ...

My purpose for introducing stories like yours is to hopefully influence social work students to the fierce reality of the field. They too will be conduits of change. You truly understand that out of tragedy can come triumph!

Prof. Vannessa Dorantes, MSW - Central Connecticut State University

Chip St. Clair's ability to share his story of hope and optimism underscores the inner strength of all people. His story is a must read for all counseling professionals and particularly those involved in child welfare.

Dr. Aloha VanCamp,U of D Mercy - Wayne State University

As we come to school every day, the days often seem to run together and we start to think that we are just running in circles and we question what our mission is. You reminded us that we are serving the world, one child at a time.

Lorraine G. Tracy, Curriculum Coordinator - George Junior Republic

I was truly blessed to hear Chip St. Clair's keynote address. I've never stood two hours before to hear someone deliver a message, let alone such a powerful one as his. This is a message that needs to be heard nationwide.

Tom Zook, Ph.D, Executive Director, CAC - DeVos Children's Hospital, Continuing Professional Education Conference

He really made such an impression on the audience and got them thinking about themselves and the decisions that they will make in their personal and professional lives. I have heard nothing but good responses about his presentation.

DeLynn Fudge, Federal Grants Division Director - Oklahoma District Attorneys Council

Chip St. Clair made this year's event a great success, our best yet! What an inspiration he is to all of us.

Pat Hodapp, Director of Operations Finance, Perrigo - Safe Harbor Annual Charity Gala
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