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Chip adds at least two dimensions to being a good speaker: 1st, he is passionate about healthcare because he worked in the industry and truly understands the contemporary concerns of the profession. 2nd, he clearly practices what he preaches.
Mary Jim Montgomery, COO/CNO - Bay Medical Center
What an AWESOME presentation to our leadership team-- for the 2nd time in three months! I missed your first one since I was out of town, but I can see why you were invited back by popular demand. Thank you for making such a positive difference at Munroe!
Paul Clark, Chief Operating Officer - Munroe Regional Medical Center
I can honestly say that I have never seen anyone have such a long lasting impression on my staff as you had. I recommend you with great pleasure and I'm sure that you will make a positive difference with any group you stand in front of.
Rita M. Clymer, Administrator - Ocala Regional Kidney Center East a division of Davita, Inc.