Charles Smith

Charles Smith

Executive Director of the National Basketball Retired Players Association (NBRPA)

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New York, NY, United States
About Charles Smith

Charles Smith Jr. is currently the Executive Director of the National Basketball Retired Players Association (NBRPA).

Highly acclaimed for his business insight, Smith speaks to professional leaders on a variety of topics such as industry growth and structure, financial disciplines and thought provoking business solutions. His ability to navigate business concepts and strategically use sports analogies to motivate his audience towards positive professional success, has positioned Smith as one of ...

I was truly impressed with the way you were able to weave your experience with our work in the call center. It was interesting speaking with my staff after the meeting, how each one was able to relate something you said to the things they deal with daily

Timothy P. Falk - Cablevision

We knew that you were amazing, but I do not think that I truly understood just how dynamic you are until last night! Please accept a heartfelt thank you from all of us. Last night was a "slam dunk."

Traecy A. Smith - Credit Suisse

Feedback . . . has always been positive, particularly around your enthusiasm & how you made everyone feel. While these experiential events are well organized it is people like you who bring them to life and add the "priceless" element to their experience.

David Lim - Amtrak

Your motivational message on the importance of perseverance & the interdependence of individual & team achievement resonated w/ our group. It was great to see the attendees put it into practice on the basketball court, guided by your coaching expertise.

George Babitsch - GHI and HIP

Your speaking about your "Life in Sports" to the high school students was very enlightening to all parents, counselors and the rest of the Seton Hall community in attendance, including myself. . . . the students were inspired by your true life stories.

Tanya Dixon - Seton Hall University

I think you did an awesome job discussing entrepreneurship and the characteristics it entails. In addition, the freestyle question and answer was a great way to gauge what the teens wanted to discuss.

Fred Brown - Christ Church, Montclair
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