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Dr. Catlin Tucker

Dr. Catlin Tucker, K-12 Education Google Certified, education, blended learning, balance, Flipped Dr. Catlin Tucker, K-12 Education Google Certified, education, blended learning, balance, Flipped

Dr. Catlin Tucker Text Reviews

Catlin Tucker has been one of the most outstanding individuals that I have worked with for professional learning. Her organization, thorough planning, and communication has been impressive. Teachers and administrators respond to her leadership, and they have improved as a direct result of Catlin's ability to instruct and motivate. She is masterful at connecting with the audience. Catlin's approach to storytelling, subtle humor and genuine demeanor makes educators feel comfortable. Her personality and ability to communicate has empowered teachers to take risks and try new things. The practical scenarios and strategies for implementation that Catlin shared has helped teachers and administrators in Frederick County Public Schools go beyond enthusiasm for blended learning to transforming instructional practices in the classroom.
Eric Haines, Project Manager Personalized Learning - Frederick County Public Schools
I watched Catlin inspire a high school science teacher who started the day as a skeptic due to the sequential nature of his instruction and then spent the weekend planning his first station rotation. His first lesson allowed students to review topics in different modes and next he plans an inquiry day, where students will be exploring a new concept without prior instruction.
Juli Lorton, Digital Learning Specialist - Shoreline School District
Catlin delivered a virtual keynote to kick off our year and generate excitement among our staff about the value of combining online and offline learning. We followed that keynote with longer, individualized online training sessions with groups of teachers to build capacity. Catlin Tucker's online training sessions are interactive and personalized to address our teachers' specific needs. Her workshops guided teachers in developing lessons and units for their classes using blended learning models. Catlin's virtual workshops are PERSONALIZED and, as a result, teachers got exactly what they needed to grow professionally. Catlin Tucker's online training sessions provide PERSONALIZED opportunities to dig deeper into the material she presents in her books. After having teachers participate in a book study around her text, it was time to have her come to our school and help us grow further. The online workshops were convenient and just what teachers needed to grow their skills personalizing learning in their classrooms using blended learning strategies.
David Consalvi, District STEAM Coordinator - Saluda Trail Middle School