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Caroline Adams Miller

Bridging Grit, Resilience and Happiness

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With a newfound need for grit and resilience, today's thought leaders are realizing the importance of harnessing both as a pathway to long-term success. Caroline Miller is one of the world's leading experts on the science behind goal setting. She is also a driving force behind the premise that audiences can use research-based, actionable strategies to help them cultivate more grit in order to achieve their toughest and most important personal and professional goals.

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Caroline was an amazing closing keynote speaker at our Educating for Resilience Conference! Her knowledge of grit and what fuels optimal performance is just phenomenal and she is able to dynamically connect with her audience in such an authentic way. Caroline weaves her unique insights with the latest research in psychology to deliver a highly valuable session. We liked her so much, we're having her back next June!

Louisa Jewell - Canadian Positive Psychology Association

Caroline is the perfect combination of research knowledge and a practical approach to positive psychology. All the class was thrilled!!!!

Enrique Tames, Head of the Institute of Wellbeing and Happiness - Universidad Tecmilenio

If you want to get-it-done and make-it-happen, then Caroline Miller is your go-to, must-see speaker. With solid rigorous science and moving stories that captivate and connect, both your heart and mind are engaged to reach your highest aspirations.

Megan McDonough, CEO - Wholebeing Institute

Caroline, you delivered what we asked for and more! We've had terrific feedback that you were easy to relate to, your stories were relevant, and the research gave your talk credibility for a high-powered audience. Everyone agreed they got rejuvenated, reignited and recommitted to setting and accomplishing meaningful goals.

Morgan Stanley

Caroline's cutting-edge insights on Grit and Goal Setting are awesome, and so needed in the business world now!

Deb Giffen, Director - The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Caroline Adams Miller delivered a complete Grand Slam at our healthcare company's corporate conference. If you are looking for a keynote speaker who adds value, integrates academic research into practical applications, and moves people to action and change, you can't do any better than enlisting Caroline and her topic on Goal Setting and Authentic Grit.

Confluent Health
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