Carol Evans

Carol Evans

President of Working Mother Media

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New York, NY, United States
About Carol Evans
Carol Evans serves as President of Working Mother Media and CEO of Diversity Best Practices which are part of Bonnier Corporation. In 2006, Working Mother Media acquired Diversity Best Practices (DBP), the leading corporate membership organization supporting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. DBP's Best Practice Sessions, conferences, research and publications allow companies to leap ahead on their diversity journey. At DBP, Carol has launched the Network and Affinity Leadership Congress ...

Your perspective as an expert in the areas of working womens' issues and your experience in diversity set thestage for our discussion on how our node can serve as a platform to drive awareness and change in our organization.

Jill Billhorn, VP, Small Business - CDW

Carol's message was completely on track with the audience. She spoke with passion and expertise and added a great value to our event. It was a pleasure to work with someone as genuine and professional as Carol. . . . She is top notch, true thought leader.

Michelle Nelson, Senior Director, Human Resources - North - Sams Club
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