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It’s Okay to Be the Boss: Learn the Proven Best Practices of Highly-Engaged Management

Too many managers are hands-off with their direct reports. Either they think there’s no time to manage, or they feel their hands are tied by HR, or they believe they’re just not cut out to be a leader.
But hands-off managing leads to problems. Managers struggle to hold employees accountable. They...

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Winning the Talent Wars: Build a Winning Culture of Attraction, High-Performance, and Retention

The number one issue troubling business leaders today is the increasing difficulty of recruiting, motivating, and retaining the best talent. There are talent shortages at every level, in every industry, and it’s tough to keep people when constant change and uncertainty are the new normal.


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The Great Generational Shift: The Workforce is Changing, Are You Ready?

Baby Boomers are leaving, younger Millennials and Gen Z are flooding in, and older Millennials and Gen X are stuck in the middle. It is not only a generational shift in the demographics, but this is also an epic turning point in the norms and values around work.

With a workforce more...

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Not Everyone Gets a Trophy: How To Bring Out the Best in Today’s Young Talent

Many managers say that their new young employees have unrealistic expectations, lack good work habits, don’t want to pay their dues, and are too fragile and demanding.

But the reality? Millennials and Gen Z employees are not disloyal, lazy slackers. They’re not looking for leaders to humor them...

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Bridging the Soft Skills Gap: How to Teach the Missing Basics to Today’s Young Talent

The young employees in your organization are coming into the workplace as the most highly-educated generation to date, with impressive technical skills. Yet many struggles with the basics of professionalism. Managers complain that many of their young employees lack good work habits, people...

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It’s Okay to Manage Your Boss: Learn the Proven Best Practices of the Most Successful High-Performing Employees

The relationship employees have with their immediate manager is the number one factor determining their success.

So many managers are so busy—or otherwise unwilling to provide strong leadership—that most employees simply do not get what they need from their managers. But employees can do a lot to...

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The 27 Challenges Managers Face: Step-By-Step Solutions to (Nearly) All Your Management Problems

Despite the diversity of people and situations, the same basic challenges around managing people come up over and over again: How do you manage employees who are not good at managing themselves? How do you help an employee get more and better work done? How do you manage an employee who has an...

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Building New Leaders: Critical Skills for First Time Managers

One major challenge facing organizations today is the impending leadership gap: as the most experienced managers retire and are replaced by today’s middle-management, there is an increasing demand for new young leaders to step up and fill the ranks.

Every new leader must go through the...

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Winning the Talent Wars in the Skilled Trades: BUILD A WINNING CULTURE OF Attraction, High-Performance and Retention

The number one issue troubling business leaders today is the increasing difficulty of recruiting, motivating, and retaining the best talent. There is a talent shortage at every level, in every industry, but SKILLED TRADE POSITIONS have been the hardest to fill for several years running.

There is...

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Fight the Undermanagement Epidemic: How to Build A Culture of Strong Leadership

If your managers are like most managers, they are probably stuck in a vicious cycle of under management.

They feel they don’t have enough time to manage, so they try to “empower” employees by leaving them alone. They “check in” and “touch base” and their doors are “always open”… until something...

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